Deze tile werd gemaakt voor de 6de verjaardag van I.A.S.T. In de 6 kaarsjes herken je Firecracker, Jonqual, Joy en mijn Decoo. Ik wil Adele hiermee van harte feliciteren en bedanken voor de geweldige job. Ik hoop dat er nog vele verjaardagen mogen komen!

This tile is made for the sixth birthday of I.A.S.T. In the 6 candles, you will recognize Firecracker, Jonqual, Joy and my Decoo. I wanna gratulate Adele for her fantastic job and hope many birthdays will follow!

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    A happy picture for a great occasion. Your candles look really cheeky behind the garland with the congratulations. The color scheme fits wonderfully to your drawing and the patterns!

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      Ria says:

      I agree, it is a great occasion. I learned so much, thanks to these challenges and it is always a pleasure to see how beautiful Adele shows us the tiles of everyone! Thank you for the feedback.

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