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A few days after submission, Javik was already published on Tanglepatterns.com. That was a nice surprise that I didn’t expect. Javik is my new pattern based on a motif I saw on a batik fabric. Batiks means many dots in Javanese. It is a way to provide a woven fabric with paint with a decoration. It is a very old art form, there are even found fabrics of more than 2000 years in the Middle East, India and Central Asia.

Batiks are mainly done in Indonesia, especially in Java. Hence the name I chose. Since 2009, batiks are added on the list of Heritage of humanity by Unesco. On www.tanglepatterns.com. you can see the movie of the Unesco in the presentation of the pattern.

Below you see a wonderful example of such a batik fabric:

And on this picture you will find in the triangles the motif on which Javik was based:

With a little practice, Javik can become an easy but versatile pattern. I have chosen to draw always 4 leaves. It is important to draw them in the correct order (hence the figures). If you draw in the opposite direction, the order of the leaves is of course the other way around. At the first variation I first drew the leaves with pencil, then it is easy to draw a jagged line with the pen. The dots are typical of batik art. Javik can be used as a framework, a pendulum, just in itself but also together with many of them…

In the above example you see Javik in company with Frickle, Printemps, Icantoo and Fescu, the open spots were filled with Perfs.

In The example below I have placed Javik between four original tangles of Maria Thomas: Drawings, Fescu, Msst and Tipple. Perfs were also signed here.

Completely different are the 2 tiles below, made for Square one. After publishing, I coloured them and that gives a very different result instantly:

On this tile you see a combination of Sonnenband and Edie:

And for this mission, Raphael is central, surrounded by Barberpole, Sandswirl, Lenche, Mooka, Lily’s eyes, Snail and Patience:

Recently, the videos for the Project Pack 5 have come on-line. Beautiful examples were shown for creating frames around photos. My favorite was the video of Molly Hollibaugh:

Just as Molly did, I worked off my tile that was eligible for both Square one and I.A.S.T. 288. Below you’ll see both: Black/white for Square One and colored for Adele. The used tangles are Mooka, Tulipa and Javik.

The tile below is also inspired by a video of the Project Pack 5. In second hand shops you can sometimes find fun things for little prices. They can come in handy for anything and everything. I found, for only 2 Euros, this necklace that I put on a card and then “decorated ” in the same ways as on the tiles abough:

And to close this short post, I’ve found 2 more nice movies. On the first one you can see how to prepare a fresh summer snack in an instant:

The second film shows how to use acrylic paint to create beautiful floral motifs on your sheet with your fingers. It seems simple. I haven’t tried it yet but I am sure that I will experiment some day:

Being part of Annette’s mosaics, is always special and a nice experience. To finish, I placed a pic of one of her wonderful mosaics of the last series:

I wish you as much pleasure as those animals who went outside for the first time after a long winter, back into the delicious green…

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    Jan Brandt, CZT says:

    Hi Ria! I love your new Javik – such fun to draw and to vary at will! Thank you for all the information about Batik – very interesting. I’ve saved both of the videos you shared. The Greek Sushi looks & sounds delicious – I’ll have to make it for my Zentangle Club this summer. 🙂 And that acryllic finger painting … WOW!!! I wonder where I can get those bottles with the teeny-tiny tip … I would LOVE to try this technique.

    Your posts are always so delightful, Ria. Worth waiting for!

    My best to you ~ Jan

    • 2
      Ria says:

      Thank you very much for this comment dear Jan, makes me glad that you like Javik. I saw already some nice results on Square One and on challenge 288 of Adele Bruno… Linda published this pattern almost immediately after I send in, so I thought it was necessary to write a post about it on my own website. When I was young, I had some cloths with these batikprints, the textures are really wonderful.
      The Greek sushi is easy to make, healthy and delicious, just what we women need (LOL) Sounds fun to tangle together with friends. I had a lot of work during the past months because our moving but maybe I can start also here a small group. In the past, I followed a few lessons of using watercolours, private, at the house of a retired art teacher. We had fun. I saw beautiful work of her, made with acrylic paint. I thought, this technique is maybe worth to try out. I think those “bottles” are easy to find in specialized shops of art articles.
      Wish you a nice weekend and keep on tangling!

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