I’ve never made a drawing with a rope string before but I really enjoyed this challenge. The strings are easy to draw and everyone can fill them  with their favorite tangles,  a lovely idea. Thank you Michele. So, I started on a zendalatile (grey) and began with Ruutz. I know Michele likes cats, so I continued with the funny pattern Kitty. Caviar, Sez, Wud, Onomato, Shattuck and Printemps followed. Beneath, I ‘ve drawn another little line and filled this new space with Diva Dance and Leaf-a-vin. Finally I finished with Hurry and started to shade. After shading, I used also green colourpencils and white gelpens. (the “ears” of the cats got a golden touch)

Dit is mijn eerste tekening met een “touw string”. Een éénvoudige maar heel plezante uitdaging omdat je elk “compartimentje” kunt vullen met je favoriete tangles. Dank je wel Michele. Ik heb opnieuw voor een grijze tile gekozen.  Ruutz werd als eerste  getekend. Michele houdt van katten en daarom volgde het grappige motiefje Kitty. Daarna kwamen Caviar, Sez, Wud, Onomato, Shattuck en Printemps. Onderaan heb ik een extra vakje toegevoegd waar Diva Dance en Leaf-a-vin in kwamen. Hurry was leuk om mee te eindigen. Na wat schaduw aangebracht te hebben, gebruikte ik nog lichtgroene kleurpotloden en  maakte enkele highlights met een witte gelpen. (de” oortjes “van de katten kregen een gouden vulling)


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  1. 15
    HeidiSue says:

    awww, this gave me a chuckle. It’s like a cat garden 🙂 fun stuff, Ria!

    • 16
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Heidi, Michele loves cats, so I thought it was a good idea to integrade some copies of her fluffy assistant.

  2. 13

    It is a pleasure to have you back, Ria, and being able to admire your gorgeous artwork. So many lines and so perfectly drawn, I could kill to have your steady hand. Love your idea of thinking of Michele’s cat, too, and incorporate it into your tile. In years to come you may have forgotten what challenge number Michele’s guest blog was, but when you come across your tile, you will know.

    • 14
      Ria Matheussen says:

      1-3 tiles a week, that is possible for me and I choose my contributions carefully. So I don’t know if I join next week. LOL I’m just teasing you…
      I’m looking forward to see what you are gonna ask from us!!!
      I have enjoyed this challenge very much (all familiar and easy tangles) and I’m glad you like my tile.
      (I’m sorry to dissapoint you but I have not a steady hand, I have used an erraser several times for the lines of Hurry (first drawn with a pencil) and that is really) not done in the Zentangleart)
      Thanks for your kind feedback

  3. 11
    Simone says:

    Dear Ria, what a powerful Zendala! And so funny how the cats ? are looking between the ropes… I would like to contribute to Michele’s Challenge as well, hope to have some time this weekend! Hugs, Simone

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      How nice to give me here a comment, thank you very much Simone.
      6 weeks, there will be guest challenges on Joey’s site and most of the guests I “know” already from the Diva’s site, I couldn’t resist.
      Unfortunately, I can’t draw as much as I would like to do, but also for you, having a responsable fulltime job, it must be sometimes difficult to join.
      I hope to meet you again on sunday. Have a nice weekend Simone!

  4. 9

    Lovely! Love your cats peeping out!

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Anita for giving me here a comment.
      I didn’t use the ropestring already but it’s an easy and nice one to fill with favorite tangles and I enjoyed this challenge very much.

  5. 7
    Trudi says:

    Aw, cute little cats in the middle of your rope.

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Trudi for always giving me feedback. I have seen your contrybution too and it’s nice to see a huge rope, filled with black/white tangles can be very nice. The tangles your have used are all new for me, except Echoing. When you like Zentangleart, you will learn every day a bit more, that is wonderful!!!

  6. 3
    chantal says:

    J’dore ce mélange de motifs en noir et blanc et de quelques zones avec un léger vert. C’est magnifique Ria !

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Merçi beaucoup Chantal. J’ai acheté du papier gris parceque ça donne de très jolis résultats. Le blanc semble plus blanc quand-t-on a accentué les espaces qui doivent être blanc avec un crayon( blanc) et le noir est vraiment très profond sur cette couleur.

  7. 2
    Ilse says:

    Mooie tile, Ria! De katten sprongen er meteen uit voor mij. Misschien dankzij de gouden oortjes, of anders omdat ik een kattenfan ben 🙂

    • 5
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Ik heb die oortjes goud gekleurd omdat ze anders een beetje “verloren” gingen tussen de andere tangles. Omdat Aimée bijna op elke post van Michele voorkomt, dacht ik dat ze het misschien leuk zou vinden om een kattepatroontje te zien, geïntegreerd in het geheel. Tof dat jij ook een kattenfan bent, dat weet ik nu ook weeral!
      Bedankt voor de fijne reactie Ilse.

  8. 1

    What a delightful zendala! I love how the string on the round tile integrates all of the patterns so beautifully. Thanks so much for your contribution to the challenge this week and also for your kind words ???

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Michele, I enjoyed this challenge very much and I’m gonna use that ropestring more, definitely!

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