Een éénvoudige oplossing voor een uitbundige string: een variatie op Veinz gecombineerd met Perfs, Scroller en Beadlines. Ik heb deze keer gekozen voor een zwarte tile en vnl. getekend met een witte en gouden gelpen. Achteraf heb ik mijn tekening wat ingekleurd met krijtpoloden. Dank je wel Trudi voor een toffe uitdaging!

A simple solution for an exuberant string: I have chosen for  a variation on Veinz, combined with Perfs, Scroller and Beadlines. I have taken  a black tile en used a golden and white gellypen. To finish I have coloured a little with charcoal. Thank you Trudy for a wonderful challenge!


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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. 11

    A very interesting way to interpret this challenge! Very elegant and unexpected. The golden threads on the dark background remind me of a loom with a begun extravagant work.

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Margarete for your kind words.I’m very glad with this comment, I didn’t see my result like this but I’m glad you like it!

  2. 9

    Ouch! That hurts! Another tangler who stole MY FANTASTIC Less-is-Sometimes-More tile which I was just about to upload!!! ? Now I have to start over again with version 71 and a half. Trudi, if you read this, I will never be able to get my tile out in the open if everyone is a step or two ahead of me. Ria’s beautiful tile is just the latest!!! Ria, your horizontal line work is second to none or in other words tons better than mine, so I keep the virtual boxing gloves in the closet and bow out gracefully. Love ya!

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Susie for this unexpected nice compliment. I agree with you that sometimes Less is more is true, but there are so many variations possible. I’m sure you will find a nice combination to draw this challenge. Please cheque Veinz, I have just draw a variation or must I say another tangle (LOL) No, it was very easy: first putting these funny Scroller in the middle and fill the rest with Veinz((and Perfs) I’m glad you like my tile.

      • 13

        Definitely new tangle, Ria, definitely! (LOL) May I name it and will you ask me to be the Godmother? Jalousien (multilingual = English AND German, and no, it has nothing to do with [my] jealousy). PS: checked out Veinz as soon as I read it in your post. I mean, B4 I read it in your post, when I drew your/my tile.?
        TRUDI!!! I am starting on your tile again now. Promise!!!!

  3. 7
    Simone says:

    Wow, Ria, …this tile is simple, elegant and beautiful!
    I love how you used the gold lines as background…

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Simone for this nice compliment. At first sight, I didn’t know which tangles I should draw in all those different spaces, untill I discovered Veinz. I’ve chosen to make a variation on this tangle with Perfs and all at once my whole tile was full. (Before I had drawn this funny pattern Scroller.)

  4. 3
    Joyce says:

    That’s great. I love the way the tangles you chose work together so well. This is turning out to be a difficult challenge for me, but it looks like you nailed it!

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Joyce for your kind comment. For me this was a real challenge too and I admit that it took a while before I could decide which tangles I would draw.
      I whish you success and I’m glad you like my tile

  5. 2
    Trudi says:

    Oh, Ria what a creative way to do That! Most impressive.

    • 5
      Ria Matheussen says:

      In the beginning, I didn’ know how to fill so many spaces, so I looked into my tanglelegend and soon I found a solution. I’m glad you like my tile and again, I wanna thank you for this special challenge. Your tile is quite impressive too!

  6. 1
    michele says:

    Wow! What a creative solution to this challenge! I love it, especially the little details on the framing. Well done;-)

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Michele. At first instance, I didn’t know which patterns to draw, than I took my own legende and found Veinz, never used before but I was satisfied with this solution. I’m glad you like my tile.

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