De uitdaging was om de tangle Pais te gebruiken op een plaats naar eigen keuze. Ik koos voor een combinatie van Tropicana, Popsicles, Widgets, Msst en Pais. Eerst besloot ik om gewoon in zwart/wit te tekenen maar besliste toch uiteindelijk weer om een heel klein tikkeltje geel en oranje toe te voegen. Dit was een leuke challenge waar ik veel plezier aan heb beleefd.

The challenge was to use Pais on the tile, the exact place was not important. So, I chose for a combination with Tropicana, Popsicles, Widgets, Msst and Pais. First, I wanted to draw only  with black/white, but as usual, at the end, I decided to add a little bit of yellow and orange colours. This was a lovely challenge that I enjoyed very much.

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    A beautiful tile with wonderful depth, Ria! Tropicana is so plastic and the gentle coloration is really atmospheric.

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Margarete, creating depth is always beautiful but it is not so easy with every tangle. Tropicana gives already some depth on his own, that is why I ‘m fond of this versatile pattern. It was a while ago that I used it. (there are so many lovely patterns) I’m glad you like this uncomplicated composition.

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    michele says:

    Great tile Ria! I always forget about Widgets. I love them;-)

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thanks Michele, there are so many lovely new tangles but also, taking a look on the “older ones” can give pleasant surprises. Tropicana and Widgets are two of my old faves and it was long ago that I have used them. I’m glad you like the result.

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    Joyce says:

    This is such a great tile. I love it when other people tangle on round tiles, makes the tangle look so nice. Your colors really work well together, and I really adore the way you’ve drawn “Tropicana:” It looks like a curvy bridge!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Joyce, I like drawing in the round but I cannot do that with every tangle. Pais is an easy one to do that, and as Trudi wrote, it shows the way itself.
      Before I started, I wanted to know with which other one I wanted to make a combination. I thought immediately at Kate Ahrens beautiful Tropicana, an old fave and you can draw it with a nice curve. So that was a good start, Widgets followed, Popsicles and the final one was Msst. I enjoyed this challenge very much and am glad you like the result!

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    Trudi says:

    It’s amazing how the tangles seem to want to go their own way isn’t it? First I was going to do black and white, then coloured pens before I knew it gel pen and pencils had worked there way in too!

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      Yes Trudi, I agree, when you start a tile, sometimes the tangles show the way where to go, I am surprised you think that also but that is really nice, isn’t it.
      Thank you for your kind comment and congratulations with your wonderful composition, I’m fond of the sunny cheerful colours you have used!

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