Around this period of the year,  people sometimes have melancholic feelings. All Saints ‘ day has passed. Sunny summer days are put away for a long time and  rain, coldness and wind are coming. I understand that many of us are a bit homesick … However,  autumn and even winter are certainly not gloomy .It is a time of let go, recharge your batteries and looking for  a new begin …

This week, Laura asked us  to make a drawing about Halloween or just to create one on a black tile. My Halloween contribution can be found on the Diva’s site but for myself I’ ve drawn tangles on a black pre- printed zendalatile  and colored with chalk pencils. It is so easy but I really have enjoyed it!


The clock was restored an hour again last weekend and that feels good, if you ask me. I finally have accepted that I am not a morning person. Formerly, when the sons were kids and I had to work, I had to get up early.  Bram and Bruno have left  the house and my husband and I  prefer now to live a quiet life. I enjoy so much in the morning to stay a little longer in that warm and cosy bed. When there is no rush, I feel  happier and more comfortable for  the rest of the day. It is important to discover if you are a night owl or a morning person and try, as far as possible, to deal with.  Sunsets are for me equally spectacular as sunrises. Especially the moments between light and dark are amazing.  The colors in the sky and nature are at their best, many animals become active and  those moments always give me  warm feelings and a certain sense of security. Long evenings with an exciting movie on tv, a nice conversation with a glass of wine, totally absorbed in a good book, or most of all, just forgetting the time while drawing, can give delicious moments…



The badger, which is still common in the Ardennes, you’ll rarely see during the day, it is one of the animals that become active at dusk…

When you are drawing, time flies over and you are sometimes too long in the same position. This can lead to neck and back problems, stiffness and pain. That is why, especially now, quiet walks and stretching exercises are so important. Walking  doesn’t take too much time, costs nothing, you can not force anything, and it gives nothing but advantages: it keeps your heart and body healthy, gives you oxygen, helps relieve stress and keeps your brain alert..



Translation: walking is healthy, better than doing nothing and mulling

During the walks I enjoy every time  the scents, colors, and sounds around me that are always changing. Often I discover in the forest small miniature landscapes that are very inspiring:




There are, of course, despite all those good intentions also occasionally lesser days. That is life. When I will be  really  old, I will only remember good memories. That is why I have bought  a  little book on Etsy, in which I  write down only beautiful moments. Bad experiences and lesser moments I do not push away but I don’t give them too much attention. Every now and then I open the booklet  because  I know that after lesser periods, unexpected great moments are coming. That’s always been the case and always will be so …

In English, it sounds beautiful:


My special booklet full of happy memories, very useful to open on sad days


Zentangleart is never  boring, there are so many different patterns, so many different possibilities. In an earlier blogpost, I have already written something about fragments. This technique  is explained in detail in chapter 7 of the book the primer.

Now I have red it again. I see little pictures on the Internet of this technique which is very attractive with many features. That’s why I have made a few examples  of 3 different reticulas, filled with “round”, “square” and “triangular” fragments. I have them chosen at random. A sea of possibilities unfolds. The drawings are very different than my usual stuff. However, this technique is also very nice to do with unexpected results, especially if you draw the fragments in different directions as shown on the last image. I have  chosen to draw this time in  black/white.


Reticula R-B2 with fragments: F5, B6 en H2



Reticula R-H3 with fragments: A23, D23, A25, B21, H21 ( and Jetties/Tipple)



Reticula R-E2 with fragments L11 and C16 in different directions

I don’t use often “gridpatterns”. However I have  designed one. On the 29 th of October, Ela Rieger (Elatorium) has proposes to use  this pattern  in her daily challenge.  I am pleased to see what others are doing with my own tangles. That is why I like to place a  nice image of Ela with a  composition, made of a variation on my Paravan in combination with Strimonds and Curly Border.
Regulary, I take a look at this interesting website with incredible patterns, a good advise when  you have less inspiration!


This is Ela’s new pattern,  several variations are possible: Genuckle


Because I have not shown  many tiles with gridpatterns, I have made a few ones in combination with other tangles.

On the first image I have the lovely patterns Hamadox and Stone Story drawn on the grid patterns of Cubine and Fife and for the framework I have chosen Hypnotic.



On the next tile I chose Flip Flap, that I found in the new book by Diana Linsse, combined with Bubbles and Petal Panes.



And again, another experiment with the salad spinner and Ecoline:


To this slogan I don’t have nothing more to add, I agree for 100%


Today I would like to end with a melancholic number and  I have found a beautiful one of Leonard Cohen. I ‘m fond of all his  mysterious songs. That special voice, those words I don’t understand very good, those beautiful melodies … just. love it.

Here is a fantastic, timeless number: Dance me to the end of love:

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  1. 3
    Annette P. says:

    Wonderful post, dear Ria. You are a very busy tangler! I do love your black zendala with its lovely colours!

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you dear Annette, just like you, I’m fond of tangling and on my blog, I try to write a bit of my experiences that could be interesting for other Zentanglelovers. I’m glad you like my Zendalatile. It was very easy (pre printed tile) but I ‘ve used colored chalkpencils and I didn’t do that very much in the past. These pencils can give nice results on black tiles. When there is already a primer of chalkpencils, it is possible to draw again a bit with normal pencils to make the colours a bit stronger. Have a nice sunday and I’m looking forward to the results of the 5 th Mozaëik!!!

  2. 1
    Caroline mistral says:

    Très bel article, Ria. Je partage complètement ta philosophie de la vie. Et que dire de tes zentangles ? Ils sont superbes ! A très bientôt…

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Merçi Caroline pour vos mots gentils, ça me donne beaucoup de plaisir. J’espère de te rencontrer encore une fois chez le Diva? Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès avec “stampin up.”

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