Tomorrow it’s a public holliday and also my name day. In the region where I was born, mothers are celebrated on the of August.  In most families, children will give a little present to their mother: a flower, a chocolate… sitting together around the table, talking, eating and drinking…  We keep this tradition alive and so tomorrow will be a happy day!


When I visited the elementary school, there were 6 girls with the name (Ma) ria in my class.  That was so in  every grade. In most families there was  someone with the name Maria. My mother was also called Maria. In those days, I found it  a very common name and I prefered a more exotic one. After a few decades,  less girls became  this name…  Now, it is not  important anymore., on the contrary, the name Ria is back again and  newborn girls occasionally get names as Mieke, Mia, Maaike, Marieke, Mary and even Ria … and I like it now more than when I was young.


My mother passed away about 10 years ago. Now, when I get older, I see how I look more and more like her … This picture is one of the last ones of her, taken during a hot summer day. We were happy and I have nice memories of that day… Tomorrow, I’m sure I’m gonna think about her.



In English: a mother is a little light that always glows, inside your heart and inside your head.

As I wrote in a previous post, I am always there for new discoveries. I like handmade paper and I wanted to learn  that. Actually it is not so difficult. You have  just to crash  old newspaper in little pieces and let it soak overnight in water. The next day, you trow the water away,  set the mixer into it until you get a thick mash.  On a special strainer on wet canvas, this mash is neatly spread and afterwards (carefully) turned upsite down. Let the paper dry ( you can press some dried flowers or other organic material in) and after a few hours you can see already the results. Also this technique, you can use in  combination with Zentangleart. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can directly create some nice pieces  you can use on a personal card. I have just cut out a circle, fixed on a card  and tangled some simple motives around. It’s a lovely, personal attention you can add to a gift  or just send to someone you like.




In the Primer, the latest book by Rick and Mary, chapter 7 is fully devoted to “reticula and fragments. This technique seems complicated at first sight, but nothing could be further from the truth. With the different  fragments you can make a lot of interesting drawings. You can place them in the same order but you can also turn the fragments  in different directions. Very unexpected results can appear. I find this” new” way of tangling very pleasant and I enjoyed it very much. Therefore I have made a few examples.




On this first tile, I used the fragments D4 and M1 to create the border



On the second tile, I used U3 in the middle in different directions. It seems then a bit like a flower. X5 was drawn a few times in a bigger square. Then the rest of the smaller squares were filled with J4. I ‘ ve used on both tiles only ordinary color pencils.



On the third example, I began with the pattern Loops, then completed with the fragments X7, L2, U1 and Q2 and a little piece of Fassett to finish the tile. Finally I’ve used a red pen to give a little colored touch.


You know already, I am a big fan of travelingtiles. I really don’t know who started this adventure but I like it very much. I have chosen not to have a cell phone, I am not active on social networks (so no facebook, twitter or instagram). Maybe, I am running  a bit behind, the travelingtiles travel around the world for a while but that doesn’t matter... When I just received  my CZT certificate Karin Godyns, one of the Belgian CZT, asked me to share this experience with her. I enjoyed it very much and the result appeared already on my blog a time ago.  A few weeks later, I ‘ve got the same question from Simone Menzel.from Dresden . We “seeeach other weekly on the site of the DIva where Simone shows us her beautiful tiles.. She sent me the following tile and began with Hua and Ambler. I finished with Fassett, Hollibaugh, Shattuck and Tipple.  I coudn’t resist to add some little purple accents but I like the result very much.



I ‘ve send her a white Zendalatile and began with a splash of green, blue and yellow watercolor with  a little Bistre powder. I’ve only drawn Diva’s Dance and Jetties. Simone completed this tile with Pokeleaf, Random, Printemps, N’Zeppel Verve and Arukas . I was surpriced by this wonderfull result. I really love it!


Anja Schaffeld (website) is a kind and talented woman from Germany and she was my buddy during the 22nd CZT seminar in the U.S.A. We “met” before on the DIva’s site. That is why I asked her to “meet” again during this adventure. I started her tile also with watercolors and drew Pokeleaf (with aura) and Rain. .Anja finished this tile in a beautiful way: she put a second aura on both of the patterns, she chose the gorgeous Copada as a border and filled the tile with AHH. It made me very happy to see her final lovely result.

traveltile anja af

Anja sent me a Zendalatile too. I saw a very nice Akoya (with red tipple) and the lovely pattern Ixorus. Immediately I thought of making a border and I ‘ve used a lot of tangles: Fassett, Shattuck, Hollibaugh, Printemps, TIpple, Jetties, Pokeleaf (with aura), Kogin, Zander, Flux, Diva’s Dance, Static and N’Zeppel. To complete this tile, I have drawn a few Mooka’s, coming out of Ixorus, some tipples and Flux. With a little red color and subtile shadow I finished.


Then I asked Michele Wynne from San Francisco to share this experience. I admire her work on the DIva’s site and she creates always beautiful colors. I was very happy that her answer was positif. She sent me a very pretty colored tile which she has begun with Feather fall. I finished this tile with Abundies, Drupe, Tripoli, TIpple, Printemps and a little Mooka.


I ‘ve  send Michele a Renaissance Zendalatile, which I begun after putting some watercolor with a little Zander and Henna Drum.. Michele completed this special tile with Gust, Mooka,Sprangle and Tipple.
It has become a real beauty, I especially love the way how she let the Gust come out of the Zander, wonderfull.

Travelling Tangle-michele af

All these “travelling tiles” are different but all of them are surprising and very successful. I’m fond of them all and very proud to have shared this nice experience with other” Zentanglelovers”. I hope to be able to do this even more in the future. These drawings were made on Zendalatiles, but next time I choose maybe  another kind of tile: a white, a black, a colored, maybe I will use just a black pen or colored pencils…. everthing is possible, everthing is allright!!!
In the meantime I have made travelingtiles for Sue from Australië,  Misha fromTaiwan and Maddy from Belgium. I’m very curious how they will finish the drawings but I already know that it is going to be great.  You can  work with people from all over the world, that is really great and I can recommend it to everyone. It is sometimes a little bit, coming out of your comfort zone, but you’re going one step further and that gives a great satisfaction.
After the 15 th of August, normally the best of the summertime has past. The mornings and the evenings become already a little bit  colder. Let’s hope we still can get  a few nice days…. The wheather forecast looks good for the next days … Now there is the largest selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, even after such a faded summer. Flowers bloom still abundant. Especially the Willow gives a beautiful  color to the landscape and the wild Honeysuckle  spreads a fantastic smell during the evening.  Sometimes  I really can enjoy  a glass of wine, sitting outside before the warm rays of the outdoor stove. A few days ago we got visit of 2 friends who knew we like wine. They gave a few small bottles with special tangled labels. Every tangler would love to receive such a nice bottle. It is a very good idea for a present.




Listen to these beautiful romantic music of Enya, and try to keep a bit that warm summer feeling . I love to sing very loud together with Enya (when nobody can hear me) You can do that also or just easy listening is also O.K.!!! Enjoy, untill next time and keep on tangling, yeah!!!

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  1. 11
    Suse says:

    Ria this is a lovely post and all the travelling tiles you have shared are beautiful works of art. I have already started work on the lovely start you sent me, it really inspired me.
    In Australia we celebrate Mother’s day in May, happy Mother’s day to you.
    Thank you for the Enya link too, a forgotten favourite of mine so it was nice to be reminded.

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words Sue. Me too, I like all the travelling tiles project, they are all precious to me and I put them in a special album. Yours will be the first of Australia, that is wonderful. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blogpost.

  2. 9
    michele says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post Ria. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and Name Day;-) I’m very fascinated by the fragments concept that is shared by those who have the book. I love how you used them is the framing. All of your Travelling tiles are so lovely and I feel honored to be included. I love how you finished the Featherfall. Thank you for such a challenging and joyful collaboration. I would love to do it again sometime. I have the framed art card you sent on my art table. I look at it all the time;-)

    • 10
      Ria Matheussen says:

      These are such nice words to read, thank you Michele.
      I do like the reticula and fragments: they give a lot of possibilities and new ways to draw the Zentangleart.
      I’m glad you like my card. It is a little “souvenir” from our joyful collaboration.

  3. 7

    Dear Ria, what a wonderful and inspiring post! I really have enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all your projects and works. I hope you had a wonderful mother´s day, too.
    The travelling tiles are a wonderful idea. Would you like to start a travelling tile with me? I would feel very honored.
    Hugs, Annette

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you so much Annette for your nice comment.
      I like the travelling tiles and I’m very happy you ask me to collaborate. I ‘ll send you very soon a mail with my adress.

  4. 4
    Simone says:

    Dear Ria,
    What a stunning and lovely post! I love it to read your posts, you are telling little stories from your life and they are so warm- hearted.
    I sat on my balcony this morning with a cup of tea and read your post and was happy…
    And I was so happy to see the result of our second travelling tile – it is a beautiful piece of art. Thank you very much for this experience! I love the purple accents, they fit very well to this tile and you surely know that this is my favourite colour!
    And thank you for the inspiration how to make paper and the lovely card which you sent me with your travelling tile. I will store it like a treasure 😉
    I do love also the other travelling tiles which you created with Anja and Michele.
    Despite I do not have so much time as I have a fulltime job here I am sure that I will also continue to share another travelling tiles.
    I wish you a lovely next week, greetings from Simone!

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Simone for your nice comment. I’m retired and my sons are adults, I have no grandchildren, so I have a lot a free time and I am happy to discovered Zentangle, I loved it at first sight and I practice as much as possible. Writing gives me also satisfaction. I try to tell something what is going on and make the link to Zentangle. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is difficult to find something interesting but I do my best and I appreciate very much your words.
      I’m glad you liked the “travelingtileadventure”. Your tile and mine are different but I like them both. It is very kind of you to say you like the others too, indeed, it is always a surprise but they are all precious for me and I keep them in a special album. Have a nice week and “see” you soon on the Diva’s site!

  5. 3
    Anja says:

    Dear Ria,
    As always I love reading you wonderful post! Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and wonderful photos.
    I wish you Happy mothers day & Happy names day! Have a great celebration!
    The thought of Mother’s Day makes me a little sad at the moment because my mother is’nt doing well. But that’s life. We should enjoy the beautiful moments dearly!
    I thank you so much for your kind words! I’m totally overwhelmed what you did from our Zendala! Gorgeous! 🙂
    I agree! Traveling tiles are really fun!
    I’m so glad we met! With Zentangle I learned not only relaxation, I’ve also met wonderful people!
    Take care & tangle on!
    Big hug, Anja

    • 5
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you so much for these kind words dear Anja. I’m really glad you like the result of the tile you began. I don’t know why, but immediately I knew that I had to draw a border and I like the result too. And I agree also with your last sentence: Zentangle gives us pleasure and relaxation but the world of Zentangle is nice and just the same as you, I feel good to be a little part of it.
      I understand very good what you are telling about your mother, but when you do your best to be there when it is possible, you won’t regret. I wish you courage and hope you will still have some nice moments with her, but take good care of yourself too.

  6. 1
    Jan Brandt says:

    Ria, what a truly LOVELY post!!! I am listening to Enya’s Caribbean Blue as I write this. 🙂 First, a happy Mother’s Day to you! I know what it is like to lose a mom. My heart is with you. <3 Thank you for telling us (and showing us) how easy it is to make paper! I am intrigued. And then all the beautiful tangling!!! Your drawing is gorgeous and inspiring! And you have combined your generous talent so seamlessly with other artists' work. Traveling tangles is a wonderful idea!! Perhaps you and I could try it?? If that idea appeals to you, please email me your mailing address and I will do the same. 🙂

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Jan. I’m so glad you like my blogpost. I’ll do my best to connect Zentangle with different other aspects and I’m really fond of the travelingtiles. So, it would be a great pleasure to do this challenge with you. I will give you my adress in a mail and will started to draw a tile for you on Tuesday.

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