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There is nothing more beautiful for yourself than to prove how strong you are and that is very important under these exceptional circumstances! This period will pass, there will be found a vaccine but unfortunately it will not be for tomorrow… In the meantime, we need to go further and enjoy the little things we find ‘ordinary’. In fact they are extraordinary and now we have time enough to think about this.

Rob and I read a lot, we watch more TV. Nice quiet music is always on, new dishes are tried out, we make many small walks and I do every day my stretch exercises. On Sunday we skype with the boys and we play the cards online. It’s all not that spectacular but I don’t want to complain. Belgium is doing its best and I am grateful to live here. It hurts to see how much grief and misery the Coronavirus brings for so many families around the world…

On the other side, it is heartwarming to see that the people who work in healthcare and services finally get the well deserved respect! Wonderful initiatives are being taken to help and support each other… On Instagram, many CZT give free lessons on Zoom. It’s better to stay busy than to wait passively. Even now, the days are always too short for me. I enjoy the unusual quietness and I draw a lot.

I like to sit in my little corner, on my special ergonomic seat next to the window with view on the garden.

My new tangles will always be published first on this website and I like to present you Pandai and Cadooh:

Pandai will seem very familiar and looks a bit like Hollibaugh. However, I have not yet seen this particular pattern in Zentangle drawings and that’s why I made a little tangle of it. I chose this name because pandas like to eat bamboo and the only place in Belgium where you can see these cute animals is in Pari Daiza.

Cadooh is family of Ratoon and Hollis but is still different and just like Pandai it is easy to draw and gives many possibilities. I chose this name because I see it as a present in this lesser period. The Belgium word for present is “cadeau”.

I wish you a lot of tanglefun and hope that this special Easter Sunday can also become a beautiful day!

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    Liebe Ria, ich danke dir für diesen wunderbaren Beitrag. Er hat mir ein Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert!
    Mir gefallen deine beiden neuen Muster auch sehr und ich habe sie schon auf die Musterquellen-Warteliste, die schon sehr lang ist, gesetzt.
    Aber letzten Donnerstag wurde dein zauberhaftes “Espe” in der Musterquelle veröffentlicht!
    Ganz liebe Grüße und bleib gesund,

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      Ria says:

      Ich freue mich immer von Ihnen zu hören und selbstverständlich möchte ich gerne das meine neue Müster zugefügt werden in der Musterquelle. Vielen Dank für Espe und alle Anderen. Ich langweile mich niemals, es gibt immer so viel zu tun und zu entdecken. Ich wollte keine Bloposte mehr schreiben aber wenn, wie jetzt, plötzlich neue Muster auf meinem Weg kommen, ist es am Besten, diese “tangles” zu präsentieren in eine (kleinere) Blogposte. Toll dass sie dich beide gefällen, meine Liebling ist Cadooh. Es macht mich froh dass ich die Muster gefunden haben in diese schreckliche Zeit die bestimmt wieder vorbei geht. In der Zwichenzeit sollten wir versuchen das Beste davon zu machen und für dich und mich bedeutet das so viel zeignen wie möglich… Vielen Dank für ihre Reaktion und ich hoffe dass du gesund und glücklich bleibst. Liebe Grüsse sende ich dich aus Belgien!

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    What a lovely post, Ria! I played Vivaldi several times while I read and then carefully looked at your 2 new tangles. I love them both and look forward to learning them tomorrow.

    Yes, this time of social distancing is difficult for so many, but absolutely crucial I believe! I am now having weekly virtual meetings with my Zentangle Club via Zoom, which we all enjoy, but I do miss teaching. So … I’m going to try out online teaching next week, with just a few of my students, to see how we all like it. I have also taken several online classes now and enjoyed each one!

    It’s so good to know you and your family are well and safe! We are too, but I worry about my youngest daughter, Robin, who has JUST become a flight attendant for JetBlue and is based in New York City!! The company, like all the airlines, has cut a large percentage of their flights but not all of them and she has been assigned to fly next week. 🙁

    I do know, though, that worrying won’t change a thing, so I’m focusing on reorganizing my art studio, tangling every day and working on a new knitting project. Life is good. 🙂

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      Ria says:

      Thank you very much for your reaction dear Jan. It’s good to know you and your family are not infected. I never thought such a situation would every happen but now we have to deal with it as good as possible. For us tanglers, the Zentanglemethod can help us a lot. I know you have been a teacher of informatics and I’m sure social media can help in this awful period. I think it will be appreciated by your students that you would teach online…
      I understand very good that you are worried about your daughter but most contaminated people didn’t protect themselves enough because they underestimated the situation. That has changed and I think the company doesn’t want to take risks.
      It’s nice to read you also keep on busy, tangling is pleasant but also knitting, reading, walking… now we appreciate even more what we have and we may not complain.
      I wish you and your family a nice Sunday and it made me very glad to hear from you! Take care and stay safe!

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    Joyce Bruns says:

    Hi, Ria,

    I’m so glad you made a blog post! The video and music from Vivaldi’s “Seasons” is absolutely gorgeous. The spring flowers were simply spectacular, so thank you for that.

    As for you two new tangles, I love them! While I like both of them, my favorite is “Pandai.” Even tho I know that bamboo can be a pest in the yard, I think it’s a lovely plant…so very pretty. And I think that panda bears are the cutest animals ever!

    I hope you and your husband have a lovely Easter.

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      Ria says:

      As you know, I’m more busy on Instagram at the moment but when I have found a new pattern, I will always put it first on my website and the best way is than to write a little blogpost. It is very pleasant to read your reaction today on Eastern Sunday. We had a beautiful week with real Springtemperatures and also now the sun is shining. When we make a walk, we see the lovely blossoms popping up everywhere. Spring is beautiful, also in Coronatimes and from the four seasons of Vivaldi, Spring is my fave.
      Our neighbours have Bamboo in their garden and yes I know that is awful, it’s growing and growing…but I’m glad you like the pattern!
      Wish you too a nice day, together with your family!

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    Gudrun Schlaphof says:

    Dear Ria,
    thanks, thanks, thanks for your wonderful gift in these days. I enjoyed the pictures and the wonderful music of Vivaldi and could be with me for a few minutes.Your new patterns are beautiful and I’ll try them out soon.
    We also got together for an ArtJornal lesson online and had a lot of fun – tomorrow we will meet again – it helps to ground yourself and let go of this crazy time for a while.
    I wish you and your loved ones a happy Easter and stay healthy.
    Warm greetings from Germany

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      Ria says:

      You also, dear Gudrun, many thanks for this nice reaction which makes me very glad.I’m sure, drawing and painting can help us to go through this awfull period. I wish you pleasant moments during your lessons and wish you and your family the best for the future.
      Take care and warm regards from Belgium!

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