Suddenly we are in the middle of the fall. After that delicious hot and dry september, it feels suddenly pretty cold and we need our winter coats . Anyway, last Wednesday  we got another beautiful sunny autumn day with a steel blue sky. Ideal for a trip. We went to Maastricht,  just over the border in the Netherlands. In this cosy city of Limburg you can admire beautiful old mansions. A visit to the impressive Roman church is recommended. Very special is “the Helpoort” and some intacted parts of the original city walls. You can make  boat trips on the river Meuse or visit the main attractions in an “oldtimerbus.” We chose just to go on foot to explore  the old town. Here you will find many small artisan shops, boutiques, restaurants and charming cafes. Unexpectedly we have found a  working water mill in the middle of the city! It was very crowded on the sunny, cheerful terraces.  In the “ centre Ceramique “ you can always visit  an interesting exhibition. Maastricht is also known for its caves and casemates. In the neighbourhood of the city, you will find  some vineyards with the  delicious Riesling, Müller Thürgau and  Pinot Noir grapes. You can visit the local farmers and taste the excellent wines, f.e. in “the Apostelhoeve”.


A view of the town, on the background you can see a glimp of the Roman church


The “Helpoort” and a little piece of the old city walls


One of the lovely terraces in the middle of the town


A big choice of homemade coffees and teas you can find in one of the little shops

When I’m drawing, there is usually a cup of tea next to me. During the summer months, I used to drink a lot of  ice tea but now I prefer  a  warm fragrant cup.  Especially in the evening,  a fine herbal mix can give a soothing, contained feeing. White, green and black tea  are coming from the same plant: the Camellia Sinensis. The difference is  the way how the leaves are modified.

White tea is almost not edited. Only the youngest shoots are used. As a result, this species is the “purest” and  contains all natural antioxidants. Green tea is widely acclaimed for its “healthy” character but the reason  is mainly the same as those of white tea: the leaves are barely oxidised. Green tea has an antioxidant effect and stimulates the metabolism. Pay attention and use water just below boiling. Black tea is fully fermented, generally, it has has a strong flavor and contains the most caffeine.



Rooibos is of a very different plant. It is a traditional South African infusion that is prepared like black tea, but contains no caffeine.

Matcha: is a powder form of super fine  green tea leaves and the superman under the teas.

Tisanes or herbal infusions are actually different blends of dried herbs, fruits and flowers and don’t contain  tea leaves. The ingredients are usually dried but you can also use fresh ingredients for stronger aromas f.e.. ginger or mint. The Ayurvedic Yogi teas are composed of beneficial herbs and spices and you can buy them in bio-shops.


After lots of drawings on  ordinary formats, I decided  to choose for  the bigger brother:  the Opus tile. I freely admit that I had to think about the composition and the tangles but then I started on  a  Renaissance tile and finished it with simple tangles:


On my first result you can see: Naaki, Drogon, Curly Q, Festune, Hybrid, Onomato, Dex, Fandance, Shattuck, Fassett, Cogwheel, Vortex and Sandswirl. I have used a thicker black and purple pen (0.3) and finished with colorpencils and a white gelpen..


On the second example, I’d  like to create a little autumnatmosphere by using the typical colors of the fall.  Beside  a black pen, I have also used a sepia-colored one. Thanks to the cooperation with Anita Westin I have discovered the beautiful pattern Oke by Michèle Beauchamp and I decided to use this tangle on my drawing. I started with a kind of border. On that “frame”, I have drawn  a few patterns of Oke. Each tangle became different auras. Rixty came above and below. The middle is colored with different shades of brown. You can  see the next  tangles: Quandary, Tipple, Gust, Mooka, Lollywhimple, Stircles, Misst and Caviar. On this tile, I have used a lot of  chalk pencils. (white and colored)



For my third example, I took a white one and put some watercolors on it, together with Bistre powder. I started to draw with Windfarm and filled the spaces with Crescent Moon, Sandswirl, Battlo, Florez, Trumpets and Vortex. Then I colored Windfarm with silver, gold and green gelpens and the other tangles with  different chalk pencils. To finish, I have glued a few dried flowers on the tile.


Again I have chosen for a” travelingtileexperience” with Anita Aspfors Westin from Sweden.  I admire  her beautiful, special style and I’m grateful for  these unique tiles. Thank you very much Anita for this pleasant collaboration.

I sent her a black tile with a wavy Fandance (with a little gold) over a box of (partial) Interlude. Anita  finished the tile in white with a beautiful variation on Maisie, Tipple and a variant on Madrono.


I sent also a  white tile, just with a Curly q. (or spiral Ribbon). The finishing of this tile is so beautiful and subtile done by Anita with Flukes, N’Zeppel, Mooka and a variation of Merryweather.  Watch  the appropriate shadow that  gives the tile a splendid extra touch!


Anita sent me this (with shaving cream) colored tile that was a real challenge for me. She started with Double d’s and Huggins and I have continued to work with some more Huggins, then I have filled the” boxes”  with Tidings (blue and purple pen) and Printemps (sepiapen) and I finished the frame, just like Anita has started.


On this Renaissancetile  Anita draw the beautiful pattern Oke  in the bottom left corner. With a sepia-coloured pen I have chosen for a  few Zingers and also Rixty is appearing. I finished with   l’Eaura, Tipple and Caviar. To color, I have  used some white and orange chalk pencils.


Every  time, the traveling tiles remain exciting and every  time I have been surprised by the great results. It is nice to have contacts with people from all over the world. It seems like everyone is tangling!  Every day, people design patterns. It is time to  learn more new tangles in the next weeks…


Would you like to learn some more patterns too? Just take a look at Elatorium, and discover new challenges. Ela Rieger put  every day a nice “challenge” on this site, an ideal exercise to learn new tangles . On september the 30 th., she chose a combination of my l’Eaura, Fleurette and Stitch. It was very nice to see what others did with my pattern. Below two beautiful black/white examples of this challenge. Thank you Ela and Annette for this surprise!


Ela Rieger


Annette Plaga


Most of the flowers are gone, but now it is” pumpkintime”  to cheer up our little garden!


Also a little dragon, that I couldn’t resist, has found a place in the garden



Bruno Coulais wrote this beautiful touching music which I like tho share with you: “Le Retour des Grues” (The Return of the Cranes).

The music is assembled on a few fragments of the wonderful film : Un tour du monde à vol d’oiseau.Film doc.(source Arte)


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  1. 6

    And those Opus-tiles of yours are amazing! I haven´t tried that yet!

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      I have bought these tiles in Providence during the 22 nd seminar. They also sell special frames (with glass) to put them it. It a very nice and original way to show your dearest tiles. I’m glad you like my first results. It is a different way of drawing but I really liked it!
      It is pretty cold here in little Belgium, but I think it is even colder in the north. Take care dear Anita, drink a lot of that ginger tea and I wish you a nice week!

  2. 5

    Thank´s Ria for your nice post about our collaboration. It was so fun to make this together with you. And I totally agree it is a wonderful way of contact between people all over the world! Thank you for this swapping!

    • 7
      Ria Matheussen says:

      For me too, it was a very pleasant experience and I put all the travelingtiles in a special map. When I will be very old, there will always be a smile on my face!
      Thank you very much Anita.

  3. 3
    Anja says:

    Liebe Ria,
    ich sitze hier mit meinem Tee und lese deinen wunderbaren Post.
    Ich scrolle vor und zurück…
    Ich kann mich einfach nicht satt sehen an deinen wunderschönen Fotos, Traveling tiles und diesen unglaublich schönen Opus tiles! So unterschiedlich sind sie, und jedes auf seine ganz spezielle Art so zauberhaft!
    Wenn ich sie ansehe spüre ich ganz viel Herzenswärme und Leidenschaft, die sich da mit dem Papier verbunden hat.
    Du bist eine echte Künstlerin!
    Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Sonntagabend!
    Viele liebe Grüße, Anja

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Ich freue mich dass meinem Post ihr gefällt.
      Schön ist es dass du auch gerne Tee drinkt. Die Ayurvedische Tees sind sehr gut für unsere Gesundheit im Herbst und Winter. Weil es plötzlich so kalt gewurden ist, sind viele Leute schon eis bischen erkalten. Heisse Krautertee kann hilfen.
      Ich brauche gerne etwas Farben weil ich damit die richtige Atmosphere bekommen kann. Ich habe nur einfache Motiven gebraucht aber ich bin zufrieden. Ich hâtte diese Opustiles gekauft in Providence aber bis jetzt noch nie gebraucht. Vielen Dank für ihre liebe Wörter, sie machen mich ganz froh!
      Auch fïr dich noch einen schönen Sonntagabend und eine gute Woche.
      Herzliche Grüsse aus Belgien

  4. 1
    Reena soni says:

    Loved your post !!!! Loved the tiles !!! Your work is so good …

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Reena, so nice “to hear” you again, I hope everything is fine and you know, I also admire your work very much. I love your use of colors and especially for now, I’m fond of your Dripping Mandala!

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