More than 10 years ago, RIck and Maria developed their Zentanglemethod.  Now there are thousands of people around the world who follow  this unique drawing style and they all love it. Over the years there have been many patterns  added. As I wrote in my older article, some are ideal to put somewhere in the middle of your drawing. Other motives are more suitable to form a frame... For the further interpretation,  the possibilities are countless… With gridpatterns you always get nice results. Read the steps well and before you know,  you have mastered the motive. Cool, easy examples to start are: Bales,  Cubine, Dex, Florz, Knightbridge
Tipple, a  simple  pattern is also one of my favorites. I like to use it very often. You can always fill little open spaces with this tangle ( perfs) Below I have posted a picture of an  older tile with just this  pattern: the string is a circle and inside and on the background you can see only circles.  I have used  my regular black pen, a white gellypen  and regular color pencils. The black pieces were colored with a brushpen.


At this moment, I am about 2 years “hookedand I always pay attention because I like to find a new pattern. A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of a screen and all of a sudden I knew it!   That pattern did not exist already.  I worked  out the steps and sent it  to Linda Farms (  On June, the 13 th., an email  was sent and I knew immediately Paravan became an official tangle. Of course,  I am  very happy and especially because the publication was on a thirteenth. So you see that 13 is not an unlucky number. On the contrary, get rid of all that superstition, it is just an ordinary day like all others.

On Friday the 13th October 1307, all  Knights Templar were arrested and killed on the orders of Philip the fair. This is one of the causes why the 13th  (especially if the day  falls on a Friday) will not be a lucky day. Pure superstition!. Around the history of the Knights of the Templar, there is always an atmosphere of mystery  and when I was younger I have red a lot of books about this interesting history.

I have found a nice quote from the Dalai Lama, and of course I agree:


 I have found inspiration to draw Paravan when I saw this picture:


The steps, a few variations and a tile with my new tangle:

Zentangle pattern: Paravan.

Another tile with Printemps , Paravan and “Beads of courage”


Meanwhile, the third mosaicproject of Annette is also done, below you can see my contribution. It’s quite fascinating to work on a group project. You never know how Annette will put all those differents tiles together but I always like the results By this way: thank you dear Annette for this nice experience and of course I will join the fourth one.



The schoolyear in the” Doppahuis” was terminated with a basic workshop. Again the students were very excited and that is pleasant for all of us. Along this road, I would like to thank all participants for their commitment and I would like to congratulate them with their  results. More lessons will taken place in September and October and a new 3 piece- workshop will be organised  in november, december and January.


Just like me,  others are also looking for  new patterns. A wonderful tangle, ( at the moment not officially recognized) is Skye  by Margaret Bremner. It is a high-focus pattern, not simple but beautiful and with the necessary exercise, I managed to see the logic steps in it. On the 270 th Diva’ challenge, you can admire what many people have done with this tangle!


This picture was taken, last summer, during a trip in the Highlands where I have visited the beautiful Isle of Skye. That is why I have draw  Skye abough.
Just see and listen a few minutes  to this beautiful celtic song:
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