In Belgium, winter is going on very gently. Actually too soft and I really hope that there will come a few real winter days with some snow … and then of course a new spring!

With this natural phenomenon, spotted both in the United States and in Siberia, I would like to open the first blog post of 2020:

The strangest thing that makes these ice boulders weird and unique is not that they are rarely formed, but because they began to be bigger in their sizes than the normal size in which they are usually formed. It is impossible to say that these ice boulders fall from the sky with rain or that they suddenly appear. These boulders are a mixture of ice and slush. They are naturally created as all what happens is that the ice chunks which are found along the shore are churned by waves back and forth to slowly grow in below freezing water and form these giant ice boulders.

Inspired by this special picture, I have made a little zendala with Hollis, Printemps, Diva Dance and Tipple on a watercolored background:

During the hollidays, I didn’t found the time to tangle but once New Year’s Day passed, I started back. I really prefer those ordinary days. The older I get, the more I appreciate them…

And don’t forget, “you can start over again every day!

With my special iron, I tried for the first time to make a winter landscape. It was harder than I thought but I’m excited about the special shades of color that could emerge after some excercises:

My first Zentangle drawing was a trio of my patron Ulci along with Hollis and a variation of Delys. I chose a black tile that I colored with charcoal. It is good to fix your result afterwards with hair spray or a specially intended product. The colours of charcoal disappear very quickly:

Just as Ulci was created after seeing an image of a floor tile, I also saw a new pattern on a wooden tile. So you understand why I called it Wooti!

With a grid, it becomes a very easy pattern. I chose to color one square black and fill the other with strokes. By this way, it is a bit different from the picture and the lines of the grid disappear.

By drawing a thicker line on one side you get more 3D effect. You can draw in perspective, but you don’t have to. Of course you can also draw by hand, but I find that harder. I like Wooti, drawn in the round. The open places that remain directly offer an invitation to fill with tangles of your choice. I chose Crescent Moon on the outside and Indy Rella, Vano and Appease inside.

Wooti can already be found on the well-known database Very recently, the tangle guide of 2020 has appeared, beautifully illustrated by Michelle Beauchamps. I consult this great database almost daily. And when there is no connection to the Internet, this guide is the best solution for searching for nice tangles and a lot of usefull information:

And then came Hanny Nura with another “Fullmoonchallenge”. She asked to use her two latest patterns in a specified string: Ypsmi and Oopsmi. Below I posted my submission:

Time is passing so fast. In February Valentine’s Day will come again and as usual, a lot of heart-shaped patterns will popping up. Gifts don’t always have to be expensive and spectacular. Small attentions can also give a lot of pleasure! Some can even “tangle” in their coffee. Is there a “barista” hidden in you, too? I can’t do it, but maybe you can!!!

Less complicated but sweet and tasty looks this breakfast. The hearts can be made very easily with a form:

Or just a tile with hearts is pleasant to draw and nice to give. Below I made a zendala with (again) the lovely Hollis, Sand Swirl, CO2, Beadlines, heart forms and Perfs:

Challenges come and go and I am sorry that after the loss of “tickled to tangle” also “Square One” will no longer appear on the Internet. Suzanne Fluhr, on the other hand, started “Humpdaychallenges”. Last week, she asked to create a “tangled patchwork”. I searched on the Internet for a nice example and found several of them. I chose one, used it as reticula and filled it with fragments and tangles: Printemps, Hurry, V2, F7, some lines and Perfs:

I enjoyed making this tile and therefore I chose another one to finish this post. I used ‘N Zeppel, Baton and Printemps. Thanks to Suzanne Fluhr I discovered that the tangle I named Wooti, is also a quiltpattern and looks nice as a frame. Maybe I have to go on “tanglehunt” in these areas!

Dancing is good, both for the body and the mind. Certainly people, like us, tanglers who sit a lot, should move more to stay in a good conditon. Maybe when you ‘ll see this “flashmob” on the aerport of Ireland, you also want to move a bit more:

Thank you so much for following and until next time,


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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


  1. 1
    Joyce Bruns says:

    Love your blog…this month has some really cool tangles, love your work! The flash mob is something else. I can’t imagine being able to dance like that.

    Thanks for posting again!!

    • 2
      Ria says:

      Thank you so much dear Joyce, I do appreciate your comment very much and I am glad you like this post.
      Tangling in these quiltpatterns, after making that frame,is pleasant and I enjoyed it very much.
      Irish an Scottisch people like to sing, play music and dance. I saw them dancing when I visited these countries, long ago and I liked that very much. Of course I can’t do that, it asks years of exercising but I thought it would be fun to put that film at the end of my post. You know, many Americans have roots in Ireland.
      Every day, a few streching exercises and a little walk is enought for us, isn’t it!
      Warm regards from Belgium and take care!

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