So far, I’ve mostly showed drawings, made on paper “tiles”.
Actually, you can tangle on everything and that is why I have made my first attempts on other material.
For the first example I bought cheap wooden frames. You can  easily draw on them.
I’ve had made 4 of them, one of each season.
Of course you can create a certain atmosphere, by using typical colours. In the spring, we see a lot of yellow and green tones. Also there are tangles that I t find typically for a particular season, but that’s personal. Printemps means spring in French and just by the name you can call this pattern a real “springtangle”. Of course, there are many motives that remind you of a restart of nature. On the spring frame I also  used Stircles, Artoo, Tripoli, Squid and Winkbee.


In the summer, the colors become more exuberant and many flowers flourish. Therefore,  I have used Flux. On Helen Williams site, ( she always create beautiful organic motifs) I have found Steps and Morning Glory. In addition to Flux, you see at the bottom of the frame also Taro FLora, a variation on Pendrills, Tipple, Kogin and Sanibelle.


When autumn arrives, the bright summercolors disappear and that is why I have used more sepia/brownish shades. Gordgeous is a real autumntangle but I just draw a pumpkin, also I have used Misst . The tangle Indy Relly looks like a pine floral and when I see the cheerful Zinger, I  always think about mushrooms. I have finished the frame  with Web (the name speaks for itself) Rain, Verdigogh, Jetties, Cat-kin and Fescu.


I ended up for the winter frame and I’ ve used cooler colors. Tipple, coloured with a white touch, looks a bit like a snowflake.  The winter is not sad, it is a resting period  but also we have a few nice events in this time of the year. I ‘ve chosen the funny motif Widgets and finished it with a touch of gold. AHH also gives a bit of a special atmosphere. In addition to Widgets at the top, I’ve chose also for Shattuck and Wud.


And here’s another picture of the 4 seasons next to each other. You can find all the patterns on the Internet.


Drawing on material other than paper is, of course, a challenge. Also for me it was a try out and therefore I kept it simple. Definitely I’m going to try more options, I’ve enjoyed it very much. On the frames, I could not make shadow, as I used to do  but I have bought Glaze and Soufflé pens  and I found it a pleasant discovery.  On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the use of this marker pens. There’s so much to discover in the beautiful Zentangleworld.
For the second example, I have not drawn on the framework but on the contrary: I have made a drawing within the framework. Also also here, I  have made an uncomplicated work. In addition to the regular Sakura pens I only used color pencils.



Tomorrow, the tourist season opens in Hoogstraten (where we have lived for many years.)  and that is so in many places in our country. I  like to close this post  with a few typical photos of our beautiful country. A visit to Belgium remains the effort and our cities are as secure as in other countries. I like to  live here  and Belgium has a lot to offer to guests from all over the world!!!


Famous view of Bruges at night





rue de boucher

I was born and raised in the North, I live at the moment in the South and I’m going to give a workshop next week in the Middle. That is nice, isn’t it?
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  1. 5
    chantal says:

    I love your creativity, your four frames with seasons drawings are a good idea, very beautiful. I do some tangles on pebbles (of Somme Bay), i’ll make a post on my blog. Where is your shop in Belgium ? I often goes in your country and want to visit your shop !

  2. 3
    Anja says:

    Wunderschöne Arbeiten, liebe Ria!

  3. 1
    Reena soni says:

    Love the seasons work you did and best of luck for that workshop you plan to give.

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Reena, I’m gonna start exactly like Rick and Maria did and I hope that they will enjoy, just like we enjoyed! In june, I’m going to give a second workshop and I hope to have than enough students to go further. I’m going to write a little in my following blogpost.

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