Undo kwam als patroon voor deze week uit de “magic box”. Hieronder ziet u een combinatie van deze tangle met Diva Dance, (op de manier van Helen Williams) Joki, Printemps en Kogin. Sommige vlakjes heb ik opgevuld met “Perfs” of werden zwart gekleurd.

This week, Undo came out of the magic box. I have made a combination of this wonderfull pattern with Diva Dance (Helen Williams way) Joki, Printemps and Kogin. Some spaces are filled with Perfs, others were filled with a black brushpen.


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    A wonderful look into a garden with little flowers and roses. I like the folded corners. The give lightness to the paper like the wind could blow it away.

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      Ria Matheussen says:

      I’m very grateful for the beautiful words you write when you are giving a comment. Thank you very much.

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