To be honest, this is not my idea. A few weeks ago, Jane Reiter was was the guest on the Diva’s challenge( number 261), she was inspired by the online book of Sandy Steen Bartolomew and she proposed to make stacked tiles.
This was such an original and funny challenge and I decided to write a bit more in one of my articles on my blog..
Stacked tiles are both great for beginners and for advanced students. You can  draw on white paper but you can also make the combination of white and coloured pieces or you can choose only coloured tiles… . You can use pencils, pens, markers, paint The tiles can be stacked in different ways: symmetric or asymmetric, that is your choice. You can complete each tile separately or you can draw your motives fluently over different tiles. Actually all patterns are possible but there are typical bordertangles, such as  Keeko, Zenith, Hibred … just to name a few. Also Akoya is a wonderful pattern to create a border. For the smallest tile you can choose a larger pattern like to Ellish, aquafleur, Cyme.. but also here the possibilities are innumerable. Please refer to the well-known site and decide which motives you are going to draw. Let your imagination work and enjoy!!!
I have made two examples of stacked tiles and  I ‘ ve put them  in 2 frames:



Just for the fun,  I have made a third example, quite different from the 2 previous ones, but I am also happy with the result.


I enjoyed this challenge but it needed some time: first of all you have to cut  the different tiles very  carefully. The advantage is that you can make the pieces separately. You don’t have to finish the whole work at once, you can make some borders today or tomorrow and next week the other ones… I have used 6 layers  but you can also  use  2, 3 or 4 tiles and having a nice result. You can also go for  circles, triangles, ovals and even irregular shapes. You can  make this work on your own  but also it is possible to make stacked tiles with differtent people and everyone can make his own border.
It’s already June, time slips through my fingers, too quick!!!
In Belgium, Spring was wet and  fresh and we long for dryer summerdays. Every year, I feel that my resistance is a little lower in this period  and  it is necessary  to work a bit harder to get a better condition and to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables… I like very much, sitting on a chair and drawing a whole day , but that is absolutely wrong: diversification of activity, alternating attitude, diversification of food … it’s really important. I want to remain active  as long as possible and sometimes that requires an effort.


quite tasty and healthy with those delicious fresh dips: hummus, guacamole and tzaziki

We, Belgian are always complaining about the weather, and yes there are somethimes gloomy days with lots of rain and wind.
But on the other side:  the smell in the woods after a rainy day can be delicious. I smell here now everywhere the spicy scents of flowering broom and the Hague rose and there are so many other blossoms who give a wonderful perfume to enjoy.  It smells a lot better than the artificiel ones you can buy! . Soon will grow the wild Honeysuckle who will really brighten up the summer evenings.



I travelled a lot and when I came  in the duty free shop, I tried all these “attractive” perfumes. Every  time it was the same: I put so much perfume on my arms that I became always sick in the plane. Now , I never do that again.
I have  learned to enjoy the use of essential oil.  You will get a delicious “feeling of being in the wood”  when you put a few drops of pine into a burner. Alertness and more attention you will get by Rosemary (do not use if you go to sleep, it works really exciting and is ideal if you you need to focus). On the other hand, a few drops of true lavender oil on the pillow before going to sleep, will help migraines and will calm you. Orange blossom reminds me of my childhood because this oil is used in marzipan and with Christmas is was always there. A little drop on my handkerchief or my wrist smells lovely and makes me always cheerful. Eucaliptus lighten up when you catch a cold.
There are so many pure essential oils that  can give you, when properly use, more welfare on a soft, natural way. There are cheaper and more expensive oils, but you need just a llittle. It is important  to inform  how, where and for which target you can use the oil.

geurverdamper keramiek



To end this article, I show you a tile of Maria Thomas with the beautiful pattern Verdigogh. She found inspiration to create this tangle in a little twig of pine.
If you pay attention while walking you will see that there are a lot of patterns based on what nature  gives us. Maybe you can also  discover a hidden, unknown tangle!!!
I wish you good luck and until next time.


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  1. 1
    Anja says:

    Liebe Ria, danke für den tollen Post! Ich habe gerade gelesen, dass wir noch weitere gemeinsame Interessen haben, neben Zentangel, Hunden und Natur nun auch noch die Aromen 😉 Ich halte sehr viel von Aromatherapy und nutze sehr gerne natürliche ätherische Öle. Deine gestapelten Werke sind einfach wunderschön! Du hast immer wahnsinnig schöne Farbkombinationen! Es ist eine Freude hier zu lesen und zu schauen. Viele liebe Grüße, Anja

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Vielen Dank für ihre liebe Wörter.
      Ich habe einige Jahren vergangen eine Kurz (6 Wochen) Aromatherapie gefolgt und da habe ich viel gelernt. Ich habe immer einige öle im Haus und ich liebe die natürliche DUft. Toll dass es dich auch interessiert!
      Gestapelten Werke sind eigentlich nicht schwierig zu machen. Ich habe es ganz ruhig gemacht und es hat Spass gegeben.
      Ich bin froh dass mein Blog ihr gefällt (Das Schreiben ist nicht immer einfach)

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