Suaimhneas is a Gaelic word (of Scotland) and it means the good feeling that you get, when something you wanted to do, is done. Every language has  such typical words. You   cannot translate  them  exactly in another language.

In the south of Belgium still live more wild animals than in Flanders. In LE MARTINET where my husband is  doing volunteering work, one day a week, every helping hand is welcome to take care of the victims (especially of the traffic). After a (sometimes long) time of care,  giving  back freedom to a wild animal  is the purpose of the center. A few weeks ago it was again. such a day. This time  birds of prey would fly again in the free air! These special moments are always wonderful,  both for the animals and for the people who took care of them. On next picture you can see René, one of the most loyal employees who looks affectionately to “his owl “, a few moments before he will let him fly back in the open air, after several months of taking care…

Then it was the turn of a buzzard that I was allowed to release,  also a big boy with firm claws! You can see that I was a little excited …

Everything went right  and about  twenty birds got their freedom back that day. We all  were happy and got Suaimhneas!

I’m  fond of owls and it’s really cool  that I hear them  calling in the woods during the night… The owl is perceptive, well in camouflage, clean, useful, courageous, agile and helps weaker ones. I could not resist to color this template from Ben Kwok and fill with tangles: Flukes, Auraknot, Printemps, Baton, Tipple, Sandswirl, ‘N Zeppel, Copada, Clob, Shattuck, Dia Dance and Ginili.


After this special day followed a quiet evening and we accidentally watched the program “Everyone is famous “.  Two people who see each other for the first time must prepare a recipe together. During the cooking session they have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Once dinner is ready, they can decide: enjoy the dinner together (yes) or take-away (no). In This case it was “yes ” and hence the name of this new tangle that I saw popping up on the door of the restaurant:

Only a few details were added to make 3 different “borders”. If you place these “ties” next to each other, you will get a nice filler ( 1st example). If you mirror the tapes, you will get a completely different result (2nd example)


Zanda, one of my tangles is added to the Musterquelle of Elatorium and I’m grateful for this beautiul drawing where Zanda has found a place between Chain Gain and Sixes:


Something else that always appeals to me is stained glass On the Internet, you can find many examples in which  you will immediately discover “strings ” to build a zentangledrawing with.  That’s exactly what I did when I found this picture. I used my new tangle Yes and Wud, Ixorus, Molygon and Tink. (Drawn on a grey tile and finished with colorpencils)

And the work below also inspired  me to make next tile:

A lot of tangles were used on this grey tile: Barberpole, Raindotty’s, Limpets, Printemps,  Msst, Tipple, See-Weed, Field of Flowers, Cogwheel, Purdy, Keeko, Icantoo, NKD, Fescu en Pomcoco


Recently Annette Plaga’s Mosaic started again. You can still join until November the 20 th. Here you can see my contribution, placed in a small mosaic with Archer, a variation of Florz, Icanthus, Icanthoo and Breach.  All results and different mozaïcs will be displayed on Annette’s site on November the 28 th.


Many see the autumn and winter as a depressing period, but I don’t, on the contrary. After such a long dry summer there is no more delicious perfume for me than the scent of the forest after a big shower. Afterwards going back insite with a cup of ginger tea, which will make you feel completely warm, is so pleasant.  Also a day at the beach has its charms, gone are the hustle and bustle and the traffic jams. In the small cosy cafés you will always find a place. Summer clothes are now put away for quite a while, but the  favourite coat will finally come back. Fresh salads make place for stews and delicious soups full of vegetables. Bring some extra plants in the house, it is beautiful, soothing and purifies the air around you. A time for reflection and new plans has arrived:

I  always enjoy  the  “kitchen table tangles ”  of Rick and Maria. A few weeks ago they showed us a “Dingsplatz “.  I started immediately to draw and Instead of tangeling the inside, I placed an image that fits the time of the year. Maybe an idea for a greeting card!


If you don’t have any plans for the next year, here are a lot of reasons to get to know our small but versatile country (click on the picture):

3 years ago, in November I started this blog, that’s why I signed 3 stars (Aura knot) on this card. This round tile was made on a section with a watercolor background (Tipple and Diva Dance) and a part that was made black where you will recognize another variation of Diva Dance, but also Somnee and Cogwheel.  Golden accents were made to create a festive atmosphere and on the black piece yellow and blue colors were applied with coloured charcoals.

Ye, it is early, but better too early than too late:


After five years, living  on the Azores (Pico) and five years in the Ardennes, we have chosen to go back to our “roots” in the northern parts of Belgium.  Our cottage in the Ardennes will be sold and we will move to Flanders,  where both my husband and I have spent our youth. December will be a busy month… but then I’will be back in January with a new post!

 I always look forward to the “12 days before Christmas challenge” by Rick and Maria, each time so pretty…. I don’t expect anything else this year!!!! So  take a look when you have time!

I thank all loyal followers and visitors and like to finish with a worthfull quote of Paulo Coelho (writer of the Alchemist):.

Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure!

I wish you all to find your treasure and a lot of Suainmhneas,


Let’s  listen to  Nocturne, a beautiful Norwegian song that won the Eurovision Song Contest of 1995.



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  1. 7

    A wonderful post, dear Ria! I don’t know where to begin, there are so many interesting things to read and to see. My favorites are your mosaic and the beautiful christmas card. I wish you all the best to your move and a not so busy christmas time. Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Just as you I like watercolours and especially the combination of watercolours and Zentangle. I’m really honoured that you like my Christmas card with those two techniques, makes me very glad because I see every week the magic you bring to us with your watercolours.
      I hope to keep in touch in the next year and wish you all the best for the New Year and as tanglers say: cheers and keep on tangling!

  2. 5
    birgit says:

    Thanks again dear Ria for letting me know the wonderful world of Zentangle. I love your posts and will keep on reading them. I do not have a lot of time to draw but hope to find now and than the possibility to exercise.
    Wish you and your family all the best and hope you ‘ll visit our beautiful country again!

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      What a nice surprise to see your name popping up on this blogpost. Thank you Birgit, I’m glad everything is all right and soon snow will come and you will live in a magical white world! Visiting your country was a wonderful experience that gave me so many happy moments…
      Thanks again for your kindness and hospitality. Keep on tangling and wish you all the best for the future.

  3. 3

    So beautiful post! It´s always a pleasure to read your blogposts, dear Rea!
    Thank you for your Mosaic-Tile for the Tangle-Mosaik-Projekt … it´s really wonderful!
    Good luck for your move!
    Best wishes, Annette

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you dear Annette for your kind feedback, makes me always glad because I also admire your work very much and it was a pleasure to draw a tile for your 15 th. Mosaïc! It is a gorgeous project!!!
      Enjoy the “darkest days” of the year and let’s than start for another year, full of tanglepleasure.

  4. 1
    Joyce says:

    That’s so cool about being able to let those birds fly free again! No wonder you were excited, I would have been, also.

    As always, your tiles are beautiful. The owl is just the cutest thing ever, and I love the Christmas card…gorgeous!!

    This was a really great post, and I’ve enjoyed reading it. So, I will be looking forward to the next one, in January. Good luck with your move, I hope it goes very smoothly.

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Indeed, dear Joyce it was a nice experience. Contacts with wild animals are always very special to me. (I like the templates of Ben Kwok very much)
      Thank you for your kind feedback, I’m glad you like my tiles and especially my Christmas card, that is every year a real challenge!
      We will have some busy weeks in the near future but I hope to be settled in our appartement at the end of Januar.
      Wish you all the best and hope you can enjoy a nice autumn and soon the last month of the year…

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