On the radio, I hear an old Dutch summersong and I sing loudly with it and think, summertime has begun. Fresh linen dresses are ready to wear, jeans were exchanged for shorts (in the evening I notice that I am covered with bites of insects). Nevertheless, it is time for comfortable sandals, eating outside and drinking tons of cool water and ice tea… Long evenings with the delicious fragrance of honeysuckle are coming… Our little wild garden looks nice. The two cats become more cuddly and always find a spot, hidden in the shadow. I am not really fond of high temperatures and sunrays in my face. If the temperature gets too high, and that happens occasionally, I prefer the coolness of the living room and wait with the daily walk until just before sunset. Miles and Jools totally agree with me and sleep almost all day long, usually stretched out on the cool floor, faithfully next to my feet.

As you know I like to draw Zendala’s and every month I find an interesting string on Zendalamoments .

Others need only some stones to create beautiful shapes:

For me, searching for new patterns is an exciting activity. I can’t resist and below I show the results of my recent tanglehunt. Decoo was created because my attention was drawn by a detail in an Art Deco work. I would like to refer to a previous post in which I have written some more about Art Nouveau and Art Deco, two beautiful art movements that are sometimes confused but are in fact quite different.

Decoo can also be found on www.tanglepatterns.com

On the drawing abough, I chose besides my new pattern for Phroz and Fassett. Below you see a composition of of Decoo (mirrored), 5NKD and Henna drum, also finished with ordinary colourpencils, just as I did in the example on the sheet with the steps.

The second tangle has a very different background: in the work of Ben Trupperbaumer I discovered this beautiful sculpture. The artist found inspiration in a unique shell form and gave it the name Muricidae:

I chose the name Mollu (Molluska is a word from the shells terminology). There are already different patterns in spiral form and tangles that are based on shells. Yet there is such a diversity, which makes it possible to find patterns that are still different from the existing ones. I find that fascinating. I myself find this tangle very pleasant to draw. He even looks like a little dragon. As you can see, I made a drawing in combination with Angel Fisch, Bunzo, Edie en Mosi.

There was another piece of watercolor background left and I made another tile with Mollu, combined with Flukes, Lilypads en Buddea:

We tanglers, make beautiful tiles with pen and paper and sometimes some paint but others can bring magic with wood, clay, iron or stones as shown at the top… But also just with some fruit:

And have a quick look to discover what you can do only with a roll of toilet paper and a little paint:

Nice weather also means making time for photographing butterflies.

Just when the Caterpillar thinks his life is over, he becomes a butterfly!

And this little creature will soon be a graceful Old World swallowtail, very mobile, flies high, is quite rare in Belgium but still I can spot this one every year a few times. Yet I have never managed to get this beautiful butterfly before my camera, but now I saw the caterpillar of that butterfly. I took the picture below from the Internet. Maybe there will be another chance to take a pic by myself because it promises to be a warm summer again!

I would like to say goodbye with a summer bouquet, made for I.A.S.T. 289 and on which the following tangles are drawn: Mel Mel, Rain, Msst en Buddy.

Here is a small piece of music with Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli I want to share with you: two totally different voices, two totally different men but there is such mutual admiration. Look at those faces and those hands…

There are again a few new tangles in my head and I will show them in a new post, in another new season.

Warm greetings and I wish everyone a wonderful summer


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  1. 7
    Tina Buckley says:

    This tangle is most awesome, I’m going to try it now.
    Thank you for post this music to, Bocelli is my all time Opera person, to hear Sheeran and him togerther.. Perfection. Thank you for your amazing posts.

    • 8
      Ria says:

      Thank you very much Tina for your kind comment. I’m glad you like this pattern and also the music I added. I do my best to chose items that I like and that could be interesting for others too. A new blogpost in two languages will appear in the third week of January with another pattern…

      • 9
        Tina Buckley says:

        I am excited. I have to be honest, I didn’t know much about you, but kept seeing patterns I just loved and started searching for the creator. I was very excited to find your name out, your blog and of course some amazing pattern sites. I look forward to seeing more, your style is awesome in the patterns you create. Also, this blog is super cool. The way you communicate, share… the photo’s, music, garden. It’s all inspiring, thank you. Be blessed in your coming in and going out.

        • 10
          Ria says:

          I’m honoured by your words. I really have a lot of visitors but there are few people who are giving comments…
          When I discovered Zentangle art on the Internet I felt in love immediately and this way of drawing gave me many beautiful moments that I wanna share. Of course I’m not satisfied about every tile. Some of them just dissappear (lol)… But everyone can grow in this kind of art and so I did. When you look back to my first tiles, you will notice a big difference.
          When you like to follow me, just subcribe on the frontpage beneath my picture. You ‘ll receive an email when a new blogpost will be published. Mostly once a week, you ‘ll find another tile on my frontpage.

  2. 5
    Lise Vanvinckenroye says:

    Wat een leuke en inspirerende mail Ria. Hartelijk bedankt. Zo is de zomer weer supergoed gestart. Van beide filmpjes heb ik gezellig genoten.

    Fijne zomer toegewenst!!!

    • 6
      Ria says:

      Ik heb het zelf nog niet geprobeerd om dat fruit zo te snijden maar het lijkt me niet moeilijk en echt zomers…
      Heel tof van je dat je me dat laat weten. Hartelijk dank voor je comment en natuurlijk ook een heerlijke zomer toegewenst met vooral veel plezier met de kleinkinderen!

  3. 3
    Joyce Bruns says:

    So happy to see another post from you! I love your new tangles…”Décor” I’ve already played with, but I hadn’t seen “Mollu” before, and I adore it!! Thank you!

    • 4
      Ria says:

      I have made a few new tangles, so it was time to present them on my own blogpost. I’m very glad that you like Mollu, that is my favorite too but also with Decoo you can draw a lot of variations by colouring or adding small details. As you know, both are easy to draw and that is what I like the most, tangling has to be relaxing.
      I am very gratefull for always supporting me, thank you very much Joyce!

  4. 1
    Linda Farmer says:

    Lovely summery post, Ria. And thanks SO MUCH for the beautiful Sheeran-Bocelli treat. Superb!

    • 2
      Ria says:

      I’m glad you like this summery post, I enjoyed writing it because it is really too hot to go out in the afternoon. Now it is the best time for tangling and listening to my favorite music in the background… Thank you very much for your kind comment and for all your wonderfull interesting posts!

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