familie tangelenAbove you can see Maria, Rick and daughter Molly Hollibaugh tangle together.

To make a Zentangle with several people is nice and gives a lot of fun. A few weeks ago, I was invited to take part of such a project. We were with 7 people.

It went like this: first, everbody had to draw 7 areas on their own tile. Then your tile is  given to your neighbour, who filled the first erea in about 10 minutes , then again the tiles were passed on to the next etc..  After 70 minutes all the areas were full, everyone became a pretty different and surprising result, created by 7 people.

With this example I want to show that working together can also be pleasantWith the help of several persons you can obtain for each one a unique result. Of course you can also make one big group drawing together. (just like Maria, Rick and Molly) In this case each participant fills a small piece until it becomes one whole piece of art. You can find enough potential participants around you : your partner, friends, children, family, co-workers, classmates I personally have found that children and young people usually react enthusiastically and can draw very concentrated. The “working time” and the result are appreciated by anyone who took part in it .

I thank the people who have contributed to this common tile. It was a great initiative of the organizer. It was a new experience for me, and in the future I will certainly share this way of Zentangle with others .


Below you can see a  picture (picked from the internet) of rightly proud, smiling children with their own-made tiles after a Zentangle workshop.


A few years, we know also the travelingtiles. One person starts to tangle  and must  send  the tile to another person. The second person will finish the tile and is aloud to keep it. On her/his turn, he/she starts another tile and will send it to the first person. By this way, it is possible to make contacts with “Zentanglelovers” from all over the world. The tiles are unique, special and always created by two persons. There is a facebookgroupe  but you can also ask by an e-mail.

Below an example of such a travelingtiles that I made together with Anja from Germany. I have met her during the CZTseminar.

travelAnja_klein traveltile anja af


h_left h_up h_right
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