After Paravan was added to the list of approved patterns, I have received several enthusiastic mails. A sincere thank you! Below I have posted a picture of my friend M.M. She has made a very nice variation on this pattern. Of course, I hope  to see sometimes Paravan in your future tiles!  I’ve also got  a couple of mails  from people who didn’t succeed to draw the “rice grains and the “diamonds” in the same proportion. The solution is very simple: just draw continuous horizontal pencil lines and then it is very easy to make  the diamonds and the grains evenly!


A few years ago, when we moved to the south of Belgium, I saw a beautiful butterfly, just along the way, during a lazy summerwalk in august. I ‘ve never seen this kind of butterflies in Flanders. I  took a picture and searched for more information. It turned out to be a Spanish flag“. I  decided to create a photo book of native butterflies. At this moment, I have already pictures of more than 30 different species. It became also a new hobby and, I am excited like a little child  when I get a new picture for my collection. I ‘ve already learned a lot  about these beautiful little creatures. This book is unique and valuable to me because every picture is taken by me (or my husband) and  the butterflies live only in the surrounding nature. Even in this digital age, it remains pleasant to have a nice personal album, that you can decorate with your favorite Zentanglepatterns. It is also a pleasant idea for your hollidaypictures…

vlinders eerste klein













In Belgium, there is every year a day of telling the different kinds of butterflies. Last year, my husband and I participated. On this guided walk, we have seen 13 different species.  In Flanders this day will be held on the 6 th and 7 th August and is organized in different places  by” Natuurpunt”, in the south we have  Natagora who organises different activities  to which everybody is welcome. It is worthwhile to join You learn different types and you find out how you can get more butterflies in your garden. A simple solution is just plant a butterfly tree in your garden  and/or make an insect hotel on a sunny place.



In addition to this butterfly book” I also decided to make another album of the dearest  pictures from all the years ago. (had to be done from lack of space!) That was a very  complicated work: which pictures would end up in a box (which was stored) and which ones did I really wanted to see  again  on a regular basis? I had over 20 albums but still it  was possible to put my whole life in just one album!
Below, you see  a few  precious photos: on the first my husband  Rob and I  have just met.  Now we are almost 40 years later and  still happy with each other,  unfortunately there are  some extra pounds and  less hair but it doesn’t matter. That is why I have drawn the lovely tangle: heartvine!


I knew that  tiles travel around the globe, but until now I didn’t have any experience. .A few weeks ago I got the question by Karin Godyns to share a traveltile with her. So I  started to draw and sent her the tile. She finished the drawing and she started a very nice Renaissancetile with a few Printemps and the nice tangle Narwal. I had to finish the work. Thank you Karin for this challenge and I wish you a nice holliday!



Due to the continuing rains, many beautiful blossoms are withered and disappeared too  early.   Wild orchids love that humidity and they appear at some places in our neighbourhood. I love those wild flowers and I  admire them  during the daily walks with my four-legged friends. I  realize how beautiful nature can be, even in Belgium, even when it rains so much...they brighten my day!


And if it’s not such a sweet summer night  as hoped, we make a fire, listen to nice music and have a little wine and we are satisfied. A few days ago, dozens of fireflies and glowworms created  magical moments. These are also times where I am grateful for, so simply and yet so special!






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  1. 3
    Anja says:

    Dear Ria, Thanks for the wonderful post!
    The variations of Paravan are so Beautiful! And thanks for the tip how to draw “diamonts “.
    Your Hobby “Collection butterflies” makes me smile! Guess who also photographed and collected!? 😉
    Wonderful idea with the cards and the tangling on it! My favorites are the two with your husband!!!
    Your traveltile is stunning!
    The fireflies and glowworms are gorgeous. Until today I have not seen any:(
    I love all the pictures and your writing about nature. The nature can give us so much!
    I wish you, your husband and son a wonderful week!
    Bing hug, Anja

    • 4
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Dear Anja,
      My friend Maddy will be very happy when she reads that you like her variation on Paravan. She is drawing just for a couple of months but she exercises a lot and she likes it as much as we do.
      What a coincidence: we really have a lot in common, it is a very pleasant job to make your dearest pictures even more personally by drawing some tangles.
      Also on saturday evening, we saw again a lot of fireflies. For me it was also the first time that I saw so many, but to take a picture of them is difficult (also with the butterflies it is sometimes a problem, I have missed a few ones because they flew away) but honestly, the two last pictures on the blog were taken from the Internet.
      I’m very glad you like my blog, I do my best
      Big Hug too,

  2. 1

    Dear Ria,
    thank you for this very special and warm-hearted blogpost! I just read it twice and I am overwhelmed about your ideas and thoughts… I love your album with the butterflies and the combination of the beautiful photos and the tangling around. You are right – this are real treasures in our digital world.
    I love also the idea of one album with most loved photos – I immediately thought: ” what a good idea ,should I try to do it as well ?…
    I just came back from a small walk with my husband and we discovered the same as you: the nature is so rich this year because of the high humidity… We have seen lots of wild flowers and I have been happy to see the variety of beauty. (I’m a bit sad that I did not take some photos)
    And your last photos are the highlight – I have never seen such a lot of glowworms! It seems to be magical.
    And last not least, I love the idea of the traveltiles! Would you like to share some with me?
    Oh wow, my comment is a bit long, but your post was so motivating…
    I wish you a nice evening, Simone

    • 2
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Dear Simone,

      Thank you very much for this nice comment.
      I’m very glad you like my album and I am sure you can do that even better than me!
      Anyway it will be an honour to share with you a travelingtile. I’m looking forward to receive your tile
      Thank you very much.
      Kind regards,
      Ria Matheussen
      rue du Bois 36
      6941 Izier

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