Movement is good to stay young and in shape but also attending a course or learning a new skill is important. It has been proven that you stay more alert when you do so. I have spent already many fine moments when I was drawing. In addition,  I also attended a Watercolor painting course (Aquarel)  in the “Doppahouse” in Hasselt. I had seen the combination Watercolor and Zentangle art before and found it a nice duo. Our teacher Jacqueline is a very charming and skillful Lady. Her classes are pleasant and instructive. Through her I am learning the principles of Watercolor now . It is a difficult art form that requires a lot of practice. However, I would like to use Watercolor paint  occasionally. Especially I like the beautiful colors that can arise.

I’ll show you some examples of my first attempts.

On the first tile I spilled a few drops of paint  and blown these out through a straw ; afterwards I added some little motifs.

On the second tile, I’ve painted more and also I’ve drawn on the painture too.

On the last example I have used lots of green Bistre on wet Watercolor and as the paint was dry, added the tangle Zinger.

I didn’t know this “magical” material at all but I was really impressed when I saw the work of Jacqueline. It became even better when we were allowed to use this magic dust ourselves. The result pleases me. Thanks to Jacqueline I can go on experimenting with Watercolor and Bistre. I would like to thank everyone of the group for the fine, friendly atmosphere in class.



The color brush technique is another possibility to cheer up your tiles:

Of course, you can use ordinary color pencils. On the first example I’ve only used the pencils of Caran d’Ache to bring some color in my drawing.

On the second example I have added little accents with a silver and a gold gellypen. These pens are available in different colors, just like the normal pens.

Drawing on colored paper can give you also special results. This one is made for Valentine’s day.

The Hafty technique is also regulary used to become colored backgrounds, as you can see it is very easy:

You can also perk up your tiles by using “gems as Kae Yoshino shows here.


You see, there are many possibilities to cheer up your tiles… maybe you will find some more, that is up to you!


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