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I am not the first in Belgium who likes to tangle and definitely not the best, that is not important, that is why I like Zentangle so much. Everyone can learn it.  This way of drawing makes my life more pleasant and brings peace in my head. That’s why I want to encourage other people to discover the advantages of Zentangle art. Through the 10 items on the home page, I hope to help you during your quest.

According to the founders, Zentangle® is actually  an adjective, not a noun, and so I will try to use it. So we speak about Zentangleart , Zentanglemethod etc.. If we draw Zentangleart then we use the verb ” to tangle”.

To tangle means to me: relaxing, meditative drawing, without spirit of competition.This drawingstyle is made up of structured patterns that anyone can learn through workshops, CDs, books and information on the internet. Thanks to Rick Roberts and MariaThomas,( the designers) there are already many people (like me) who have found it a pleasant and soothing activity.

While practicing Zentangleart you can make no mistakes. That will give you a nice feeling. It’s absolutely not necessary to draw within the lines. You can give existing “tangles (structured patterns) a personal touch, by adding shade. The tangles may run into each other, you can outline them or put an extra aura, you can use colors…the possibilities are countless. You may even invent new patterns. If you pay attention, you will discover that there are everywhere, really everywhere Zentangle patterns.Look around you, in your garden, in the forest, in your wardrobe, on your carpet, in the city, in the museum, in buildings, in the air, in the water. ..

Because we don’t make mistakes, we don’t use an eraser. In the beginning this seemed hard for me, but by practicing, I soon realized why the eraser is’t  necessary, it don’t needs to be “perfect. A “wrong” line opens the door for other possibilities. The drawing is made step by step, on small paper tiles (9 by 9 cm), without a fixed schedule, peaceful, attentive and relaxed. The end result is always a surprise and an appreciation, according to Rick and Mary. With every drawing you go a step further and discover more possibilities and creativity in yourself.

The motto of the founders is anything is possible, one stroke at a time is such a beautiful sentence, which I often repeat, even in my everyday life I say these words regularly. Epecially when I am in a hurry, just stay calm, one step after another, no stress, never more.

I think , this art form  is accessible to everyone. You can work alone or in group. You need little material (a pencil, feather pen and “tile”). Drawing on such a tile can be done at any place, at any time of the day, the week, the month of the year … and if the drawing is complete, it is a really a piece of art. ..Appreciation and gratitude for the work is the philosophy of Zentangle ®. Perfection is never the goal. In everyday life is perfection unattainable and the aim for it is stressful; like many will already have experienced.

How do you draw Zentangleart? I think  attention, patience and exercise are very important. Besides that, a few good basic lessons to get started (CZT), and/or the zentanglekit, often search for information on the internet or read a good book on the subject and you can get started

An old oriental saying summarizes the drawing of this art form very well ,I think.: Not the end of the walk is important, but the little steps that leads there.


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