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2015 was an unusually warm year. Everyone thought there would be no winter anymore. We had such hich temperatures in november and december. Here and there I saw already “Easter flowers” and some trees were in bloom, even beautiful, but very unnatural. And then all of a sudden, on the 15. January, we had more than 10 cm of snow for our cottage.

Each season has its beautiful days but if there is snow, the wavy landscape has really something magical. After snow storm, the skies suddenly go from black to bright blue and then, when the sun appears, you get beautiful lighting effects. The weather is always unpredictable and unstable with a lot of rain but also sunny days in any season, that is Belgium and we have to accept that. In the Ardennes (south of Belgium) the people are happy with the snow: all ski slopes in the area are open and it is a nice extra for the local merchants and catering businesses.


Skiing in the Alps or on the Baraque Fraiture is, of course, a big difference. On weekends it’s just too busy: you have to wait half an hour at the ski lift and after a few minutes you’re allready down, but on ordinary working days, if there is enough snow, the slopes are also open. It is much quieter, nowhere you should join and everywhere you can hire ski equipment. It is definitely worth to come and enjoy the winter landscape and the healthy country air. In addition to several ski slopes for Alpine skiing, there are a lot of cross country skiing trails

sneeuwlandschap ardennen

I prefere hiking: good boots, a warm coat, hat and scarf, and then into the forest. The snow is now so thick that the doggies totally sink in it. Now it’s white everywhere but, tomorrow all may be gone. Miles is a large, strong dog, wrapped in a small body and we cannot go very far with him and his girlfriend Jools. They don’t mind that the walks are shorter and afterwards, they like , loud snorting for the stove and fall asleep. After a while, Rob returns home with the critters but I like to put my “footprints in the snow and enjoy the clear, fresh air.



Today, I put away the black pens. With a white gelpen (where I have limited experience with ) you can also obtain surprising results on black tiles. Shadow with pencil is not visible on black but with a chalk pencil you can put some touches to make your tile more beautiful. Drawing on black tiles is totally different than drawing on ordinary tiles. You may not put too much pressure on the pen and especially in the beginning, you have to learn how to manage. Practice, concentration and patience and then all of a sudden you will see a nice result My drawings are made on just black mark paper, I had no black tiles at home, but you see, it is possible.



Sunday, the 24 th of January is the “Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, Laura’s youngest son is born with this syndrome. The logo is purple, and that process in a drawing was also the “challenge for this week. Especially for Laura: good luck tomorrow in the class of Artoo and purple greetings from Belgium to the much colder Saskatoon by-40 °.




To end, my friend Margit want to say something for all women:

Are you looking for a man who melts for your, simply create a snowman



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