In the south of Belgium (and also in large parts of France)  May always started with the provision of Lilies of the valley. All along the road are small booths where this fragrant bunches are sold for a few Euros. Every man should donate them to his wife as a sign of good luck for the new season. A beautiful tradition who faithfully is honoured on this national holiday.

In many countries, an extra day to thank all mothers, is also celebrated in may but in Belgium we mostly do that  on August 15.

After a rather cold beginning of the year , the real spring feeling has finally arrived with delicious soft temperatures. They  invite you to go out. Please take time to enjoy and admire all the beauty that nature gives us for free:

A while ago, by reading the Dutch magazine Happinez, I discovered  the art of Andres Amador from San Francisco. He makes every day beautiful works of art on the beach during the low tide. At the first tidal wave, those carefully made drawings  will disappear… I would find it a pity  to see those magic drawings, created with much love, disappear into the water. However, I understand the philosophy of Andres. According to him, the nature changes constantly, nothing remains the same and so he wants to show that in his works of art …

For more information:



I have specifically chosen these pictures because they seem so familiar. Andres “signs” Zentanglepatterns, definitely. He first creates  some sketches that he enlarged and carefully make with a rake in the sand. The locations are very important because his works are at their best, seen from a certain height. Andres should never clean up anything, tomorrow will come a new day with new challenges!

These pictures inspired me to draw a few larger works on sand-coloured paper,  without the addition of colors, a bit like Andres  does on the beaches of California … In the next drawing you can discover following patterns: Hollibaugh, Hypnotic, Vivid, Quandary, N’Zeppel, Mumzy, en 5C Aura.

Here you can see a combination of  Vano, Phicops, O, Cruffle, Tangleflake 3, Tripoli and Emingle drawn in triangles on one of the circles.

And a little one with only patterns that reminds me of things you can find on the beach: Ohana, Bunzo, Tipple (must always be there), Festune, Joki, Lollypops, Trumpits, Printemps en Fünf.

On this tile I have also used a little green to get a bit the effect of algae that you sometimes find on the shells and stones at the seaside.

Let go and start again, can also be useful in our daily life. You can’t start a new chapter in your life when you always reread the previous one. Let things go can hurt but frantically stick even more. Therefore:

It’s time for a new season,  a new start, and a new tangle of Maria Thomas: Spoken. Here, I signed Spoken on a background of green watercolor  in combination with Praa ( Simone Menzel’s new organic tangle) 5C Aura and Field of FLowers:

The following  round tile is cut out from a piece of grey cardboard on which  you see a variation of Spoken, CO2, Dai Dai en Praa (variation) and on which I have glued some dried ” Forget-me-not’s” : they grow at the moment by hundreds around our cottage. I couldn’t resist to pick a few and let them dry.


It is worth to make a drawing in combination with other materials, such as here with the dried “Forget-me-nots”. The flowers/plants have to dry thoroughly between old newspapers (1-2 weeks). Put some weight on them  ( a book)  and after this period, you can paste them on paper (with ordinary Pritt) … and start tangling around. It is nice to be busy with something very small, such as the beauty of a simple dried flower

As usual I would like to close my post  with a piece of music and a nice quote of Bob Marley:

One of the great things about music is that if she hits you, you will feel no pain.

During my  study of the Portuguese language,  I have been lucky to  attend a performance of Madredeus (showed in an earlier post) and Sarah Tavares. Both on the Azores,where we have lived for several years, as on the Cape Verde Islands where Sarah was born, Portuguese is spoken.I like this difficult but very melodic language. The  vulcanic green Azores belong to Europe and have especially  rocky coastlines. The Cape Verde islands, situated a bith more  to the South, belong to Africa, they are  much drier … with lots of sand.

Let’s  enjoy the cheerful voice of Sarah Tavares and  beaches to dream away.




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  1. 19
    susan h. says:

    Andres’ work reminds me of the Buddha & Zen boards I’ve seen on Amazon- you draw, then the work slowly disappears. Have you ever used one?

    • 20
      Ria Matheussen says:

      I was so impressed by the work of Andres that I wanna show it in a blogpost. I don’t know the Buddha & Zen boards but I’have looked for it on Amazon and I have find it: looks great and I’m gonna buy one. This is also a beautiful present to give as a birthdaypresent for your beloved ones.
      Thank you very much Susan for your comment and to let me know these boards!

  2. 17

    Bonne fete du 1er mai, Ria! I wholeheartedly agree with Susie’s comment: 10/10. You had me with the muguet, my favorite flower, and, I think, my favorite holiday. (I lived in France for 12 years.) I’ve planted some here in North Carolina, but I think it’s too hot, even under the trees! You have such a beautiful relation with Creation, that soothes and inspires. From the beaches to the “myositis”, beauty abounds. Il suffit de l’apprécier. Thank you!

    • 18
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Jennifer for these nice words. What a surprise to hear you have lived such a long time in France. (our neighbours) It is such a beautiful country, isn’t it. We live about 2 hours driving from the border and we speak French. In the Northern parts of Belgium the language is Dutch and there is also a little piece near to Germany where they speak German. I am born in the North, in the neighbourhood of Antwerp but it is very crowdy over there and after retirement, we moved to te south and live in a little quiet village, near the forest.The muguet is growing in many gardens but also you can find them in the wild. I didn’t know it is so hot in North Carolina during the summer.I took a look on the map and I see now it is near to Tennessee, I understand you live in a different climate than I do.
      I’m glad you like this blogpost and send you warm regards from Belgium

  3. 14
    Maria thomas says:

    wonderful post, Ria. Funny for me to hear this name, years ago, it was the name my best friend (and only she) would call me.

    I have seen this sand drawing before. A fabulous exercise in “in the moment” art. . . . like other sand arts, has a short life, never to be seen again.

    Thank you for your post.


    • 16
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comment Ma”ria”
      Zentangleart is pure magic: on paper, on other materials and even on sand. I never saw such a form of Zentangleart and therefore I wanted to share this beautiful pics. I am glad you like this post and grateful for all those nice moments, Zentangleart gives us!

  4. 10

    Dear Ria, you have 2 comments from me today. The first one shows nothing, which indicates I was speechless – or writeless for that matter. This one is after I recovered and thought, I better explain my first comment. I think, no I am sure, this is the most beautiful post I have seen. I love each and everything from the Maigloeckchen (I think that is what we call those white flowers), to the animals images (you know I am crazy about animals), to the beach tangler (thank heavens he takes images of his art, what a waste otherwise (well, that is me thinking)), to YOUR creative drawing (the first 2 could be you…on the beach…drawing them in sand) and then the pressed flowers. I tried to do that with an insect I found passed on to heavens while cleaning. It had the most fantastic green/blue metallic looking body. Alas, it is too stiff and round so it remains in my collection pot. Ria, I give you a 10 out of 10 for this post and simply love each and everything you posted.

    • 12
      Ria Matheussen says:

      I’m very happy that you, who are really a natural talent, give me such a wonderful compliment, thank you very much Suzy.”Maigloeckchen” sounds German and you probably remember this word from the time you lived in Switzerland. Do you have them too in Thailand? I’ve clicked on Pattaya and immediately I saw beautiful beaches and lots of flowers…I can imagine you, sitting there, drawing at the beachside, just like Adres does. (but a bit smaller LOL) By the way, for the first bigger tan tile, to draw the border, I was inspired by your pattern Lapin. Again I will say, I’m grateful to inspire others, but I am also inspired by the work of other tanglers, it is also a wonderful aspect of this kind of art.
      The tile that I have made with those little flowers was my first try in combination with other materials and I agree, I am satisfied with the result. I am sure you can become wonderful results made of a combination with Zentangleart and other stuff. I think I know those kind of insects. (I visited Cuba and saw there a lot of very colourful little animals) I agree it was too stiff but you can try to use only little pieces to become special effects, also little pieces of lace and other materials can give original, surprising ZIA!!! Worth to try. Thank you very much Susie for your nice feedback! For me the day starts, for you, I think it is time to go to bed, wonderful isn’t it to have contacts with people all over the world, thanks to this magic Zentangleart.

      • 13
        Susie Ng says:

        Ha, I had to come back. Great mind think alike. I used Lapin on my DIVA challenge tile, the one with the STRIPES. I cheated though. I tried to dissect the insect to get pieces, but it is already so small and the body so hard…, but I get what you mean…I will check my cleaning cabinet for some old fluffy rags…dissecting old rags was always on top of my bucket list. It is 5 pm here now and I will collect Shadow, my dog. It is shower time for both of us.

        • 15
          Ria Matheussen says:

          I was away from my PC for a while but now I see your message and I’m gonna look to your DIva tile immediately. Trying new things is always interesting.

  5. 9
    Jan Brandt says:

    Ria, as ALWAYS, I love this post! Your art always delights me and I love to read the tidbits of European life you share. And what a lovely music video!! Sigh … I love to tangle at the beach … soon I hope it’ll be warm enough to do so! I’ll also enjoy hunting for the stepouts for the new-to-me tangles you’ve shared. Thank you!! <3

    • 11
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you Jan, so kind of you to give me so many times feedback about my blogposts. I’m glad that you enjoyed them. the beachart of Andres is fantastic,isn’t it. By coincidence I discovered his art in a magazine and I wanted to share this with other people because I’ve never seen such a form of Zentangleart. I can understand that drawing, like he does, has also a very relaxing factor. It looks to me delightful to tangle at the beach and I wish you success. I’m doing my best to show every time a few new tangles. Most of them can be find on Tanglepatterns and Elatorium. On Elatorium you have to go to the “Musterquelle”, go to the tangle and klick on” Anleitung” and you will find the stepouts. I hope you will enjoy by exploring!

  6. 5
    Reena soni says:

    Amazing work and ideas … loved it !!

    • 8
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Reena. I’m glad you liked this post. Me too, was surprised by the work of Andres but of yours too. Since we met, I regulary take a look on your work too and it is amazing how many wonderful pieces of art you create. I have not the energy to do that, but I’m glad you like my tiles too.

  7. 4
    Bette says:

    Wow- unbelievable and just out right beautiful. Was astounded at Andres artwork and then your forget me nots…. outstanding!

    • 7
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much Bette. Me too was surprised by discovering the artwork of Andres and therefore I wanted to share the pictures. They look gorgeous and they inspired me. And about those “Forget me nots”. It was just a try because I saw so many of them appearing around our house. I like the result and I think I’m gonna try that with other materials too. I’m glad you like the result.

  8. 3
    Terri Delaune says:

    What a fabulous blog, delightful photos, happy Mother’s Day tradition and beautiful works of art. I love your posts and your works and your inspiration ?❤️??

    • 6
      Ria Matheussen says:

      Thank you very much for this nice compliment Terri, I’m very glad you like this post. Andres’ works blown me away and I wanted to share this wonderful pictures with other people who are interested in Zentangleart.

  9. 1
    Caroline mistral says:


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