Zia means: Zentangle inspired art, art that is based on the Zentangle technique. In the 2 previous messages I wrote about card making and working with Watercolor/BistreActually these items also belong to Zia. The original style is drawn on tiles with pencil and pen.  I’ve put these 2 topics in a separate chapter because I’ve drawn them on ordinary tiles and  for Zia usually other materials are used.

Below you see a good example of a large wall Zentangledrawing on the island of São Miguel. I do not know the name of the artist but I find his work  very successful. The grey wall is completely refreshed by the image of the whale. These impressive mammals are widely seen in the waters around the Azores, where they are protected.



In the newsletters of Rick and Maria, but also on the Internet, I have seen a lot of cool things. Just type “Zia Zentangle in google”, then “images“, and see what’s on your screen. This drawing style can be found on all kinds of objects, on clothing, shoes, handbags, cars, even on houses. Jewels are designed with Zentangle patterns. Images of flowers, plants, animals, faces … everything can be filled with the Zentanglepatterns . People who like handcrafts, make wonderful things on fabrics. Especially for those who make patchwork, this is a new challenge. There are even pastries and cakes with Zentangle patterns. One project is  more original and more beautiful than the other but it is still interesting to see how creative people can be. Every day there are novelties on the Internet. It remains exciting!

Below some nice examples of Zia by different artists, that I found on the internet





Mandie Manzano


Katherine Heicksen


Kathy Redmond’s Zentangle pumpkins





I wish you a lot of success and satisfaction in all things you undertake but especially on your way through the intriguing world of Zentangle. I close this article with a picture of a gorgeous design by Maria Thomas!




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